Afghanistan Top Sites for Social Sciences

    The Personality Page

    Take the Personality Questionnaire and discover your four-letter type. Learn how type affects your career, relationships, and personal growth.

    CelebrityTypes - Overview

    Celebrity Types: The site that identifies the Myers-Briggs personality types of famous people and illustrates them with quotes characteristic of their type.

    Max - Hueber - Verlag

    Der Fremdsprachenverlag bietet auf seinem Service-Portal eine Beschreibung des Angebots, einen Online-Shop, aktuelle Informationen, Kontaktmöglichkeit und Impressum. Zudem finden sich Bereiche für Presse und Fachhandel.

    Swedish Armed Forces

    Official site providing an overview of the structure, history, and operations of the Swedish military.

    Language Learning

    Learn up to 8 foreign languages for free with audio lessons and games.


    Tony Crisp's Online Dream Dictionary, Dream Encyclopedia, and articles about dreams, health, yoga, body mind & spirit

    Teeth Falling Out Dreams and Their Interpretation

    Information to interpret dreams about teeth falling out, a common anxiety dream. Resources include a dream dictionary, analysis of recurrent teeth dreams, interpretation tips and a forum.

    International Studies Association

    The International Studies Association is an academic organization that facilitates research through publication and conventions. The Association is currently headquartered in the Department of Political Science at the University of Arizona.

    Svenska RC-flygförbundet

    Allmänt och Tips,Bilar,Båtar,Helikopter,Flygplan EL,Flygplan Metanol,Flygplan Bensin,Flygplan Turbin och EDF,FPV och Flygfoto,Nostalgica,Radiostyrning,Powerboxar,Multirotor,Mottagare,Servon,Gyro,Segel och Hnag,Skala,Elektronik,Förbränningsmotorer,Säl


    Resources for economics educators. Includes online lesson plans and articles appropriate for high-school level courses. is a policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research ( ) in conjunction with a consortium of national sites, including the Italian site LaVoce ( ), which provided inspiration for the idea and help fro

    Запорожский портал

    Запорожский региональный портал полезной информации и место для общения - index

    Hoag, John

    Specializing in emotional health, self-confidence and top performance. Menlo Park, California.

    Экономический портал

    Галерея экономистов, профессиональный каталог экономических ресурсов сети Интернет, экономическая конференция, собрание лекций по эконо

    Публікація та перегляд об'яв за різними тематиками. Не потребує реєстрації.

    Edition électronique d'une vingtaine de revues en sciences humaines. Articles en ligne et actualité scientifique.