Algeria Top Sites for Birds

    Oiseaux .net

    Portail et guide encyclopédique des oiseaux. Fiches descriptives des oiseaux de France et du Monde. Galerie de photos, dessins et chants. Dossiers thématiques, annuaire, livres et jeux ornithos.

    Au paradis des canaris

    Informations diverses concernant les canaris : élevage, alimentation, sexage. Propose un forum pour échanger connaissances et idées.

    حمام الامارات

    موقع حمام الامارات موقع يهتم بالطيور والحيوانات الاليفه ، طيور الزينة ، والطيور والحيوانات بجميع انواعها الاغنام والمواشي والخيول

    Nos Volières

    Description de la réalisation de volières pour oiseaux à bec crochus. Détails en image des techniques mises en place. Alimentation, reproduction, photos des oiseaux et un forum de discussion.

    All About Birds

    Comprehensive guide to North American birds and bird watching from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Includes Bird Guide with identification, life history, sound and video recordings of each bird, with additional 'Birds of North America' material available

    Xeno Canto

    The world's largest community website on birdsong, with over 37,000 recordings of 6,000+ species.

    L oiseau libre

    L oiseau libre présente les oiseaux de France et d Europe et

    Centre aviaire Johanne Vaillancourt

    Organisation d'activités et séminaires sur la compréhension des comportements et instincts des perroquets domestiques. Québec, Canada.

    British Trust for Ornithology

    Surveys and research investigating the populations, movements, and ecology of wild birds in the British Isles.


    Pigeon Paradise is an online and offline broker of high quality pigeons.

    The National Audubon Society

    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

    Hotbird 13° East

    You can follow the Hotbird hd, 3d, ultra hd and digital satellite frequencies on our daily updated site.

    Birds Now

    Helping people buy and sell birds online, in the United States and Canada.

    Acadiana Aviaries Bird Farm

    Specializing in zebra finches, with 30 other varieties and rare mutations plus society finches, java sparrows, and exotic finches. A wide selection.

    Includes sightings, Denmark bird list, photo gallery, and listers' rankings. In Danish with some English content.


    Vogelkweker van Australische Prachtvinken, Papegaaiamadines en Lonchura's, Breeder of Australian Finches, Parrotfinches, Munia's and Mannikins

    Thayer Birding Software

    Popular bird identification and record keeping software, with newsletters, discussion group, and checklists.

    An aviary listing service to assist in locating available birds. With picture gallery, forum, and veterinarian search.


    Propose des plans détaillés de nichoirs pour de nombreuses espèces d'oiseaux utiles aux ornithologues comme aux amoureux des oiseaux.


    Bestselling bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, bird seed... 25% to 75% DISCOUNTS ON SPECIALS, CLEARANCE and OVERSTOCK

    British Garden Birds

    Photographs, descriptions to aid identification, and notes on the birds that visit a suburban garden in Sheffield, England.

    Birds Online

    Sehr umfangreiche Wellensittich-Seite, mit Infos über Haltung, Ernährung, Gesundheit, Zucht und Unterbringung. Interessant ist auch die Statistik der Wellensittich-Namen. Some chapters are available in English.

    Yorkshire Canary Club

    Information on membership, ideal standard, breeding, management, housing, and exhibition.

    World Parrot Trust

    International charity for parrot conservation and welfare. Find photos and information on parrot care, training, welfare, and wild status with online encylopedia and reference library. Site includes parrot bloggers, Ask an Expert, discussion forum, and in

    Malaysia Breeder

    Small-scale breeder of hand-fed cockatiels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Information on the characteristics and keeping of the birds.