Antigua And Barbuda Top Sites for Pets And Animals

    Rescue Me! Animal Rescue Network

    A network which aims to help all breeds of dogs, cats and other animals find good homes, anywhere in the world. View rescue dogs, cats, horses and birds for adoption. Animal shelters and individuals can post animals free. Also provides a directory of anim


    A searchable database of animals that need homes. Directory of animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA and Canada. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available pet databases.

    Worldwide directory of animal shelters, rescues, and advocacy groups. Most comprehensive directory online, as well as a dynamic Google map overlay of organizations in a selected area.


    Networking community for cats that offers free web pages and diaries.


    Provides health products including flea control, nutritional supplements, and shampoos.

    Find purebred dog breeders near you fast and free. Complete Dog Breeder Directory of all dog breeds in North America

    Next Day Pets

    Directory of classified advertisements from breeders, as well as providing breed information.


    Manufacturers of aquariums, hoods and stands with instructions, catalog, and technical information.

    I fell in love with chickens in the third grade when my classroom incubated and hatched baby chicks. It had been a dream of mine to own chickens ever since, which was realized once my husband and I bought our own home. In the time leading up to getting ch


    RightPet is a site which allows individuals to rate the breeds/species of pets they've owned, and recommend pet services/businesses they like.

    Dogs Now Puppies for Sale

    Puppy and dog classifieds from local breeders, rescues and shelters. Find dogs for sale or adoption.


    cesar® canine cuisine creates delicious meals for the dog you adore. Discover our entrees and treats, as well as ways to make your time together more special.

    One Kind

    Animal protection charity; offers profile, news, and blogs. Based in Edinburgh.

    CatTime is the place for all things feline

    CatTime isn't merely a pet website - it's your destination for all things feline. Here you'll find articles and editorials on a variety of cat-centric topics, from expert recommendations to cat breed info to health advice to the latest animal news to name

    Aqualand Pets Plus

    Animals Bunnies Bunnies II  Cat-N-Around Cat Club Cat-N-Around Cat Club 2007 Annual Show Hawkeye Cat Club 2004 Hawkeye Cat Club 2005 Chin...

    ARKive : Images of Life on Earth

    An extensive collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species gathered into one centralised digital library.

    That's why we decided to develop, so pet owners could have a safe and informative place to meet other pet lovers and have fun exchanging pictures, videos, blogs, and having discussions on our forums, or chat live in our chat rooms. YouPet.