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    Kiteboarding is an exciting new sport that has emerged from the fusion of surfing and wakeboarding with the power source being the kite. The combination of elements from each of these disciplines create legitimate extensions of the surfing and wakeboardin


    Naish kiteboarding, a kiteboarding company base on Maui, Hawaii, kite, kiteboards, sle kite, boxer kite, kiting, kitesurfing, harness, naish boxer.

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    Offers kites, boards, bars, clothing and accessories.

    - F-ONE Kites -

    F-ONE is a French company specializing into the production and distribution of kitesurfing and Stand-Up-Paddling equipment.F-ONE has been founded in 1989 by Raphaël SALLES, one of the pioneers of the sport in France and over the world. For more than 20

    Site met informatie over spots, materiaal, nieuws, links naar fabrikanten en een forum om afspraken te maken voor een gezamelijke surf sessie.