Belarus Top Sites for Puzzles And Brainteasers


    Web-based application that uses games to improve cognitive abilities. Provides information about memory, brain health and cognition.


    Классические, скандинавские, тематические кроссворды.

    Логические задачи, головоломки, игры и загадки.


    Play sudoku puzzles online for free.

    SMART Technologies Inc.

    SMART Ideas is concept mapping software for Windows that allows you to visually represent your ideas and their relationships using a variety of colors, shapes, symbols and links.

    Brain Teasers

    Brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles and problems, paradoxes, optical illusions, IQ tests and logical games.


    На сайте представлен ряд словарных онлайн-игр, главной из которых является "Эрудит". Чемпионаты и конкурсы. Форум.


    Сборник оптических иллюзий по категориям: анаморфозы, зрительные искажения, иллюзии движения, перевертыши, невозможное, скрытые образы.


    Блог, посвящённый оптическим иллюзиям, объемным картинкам, креативной рекламе, стереокартинкам и 3D картинкам. Визуальные загадки и голово

    Bright Planet

    Develops software and custom content solutions for harvesting, classifying, and searching deep Web content.


    Онлайн головоломка, посвященная всем любителям Судоку. Соревнуйтесь с другими игроками в мастерстве и скорости заполнения, займите вершин

    Mind Mapping provides information on creating mind maps, mind mindmapping software and the theory behind mind mapping.

    Genius Logicuskr

    Mezinárodní logická a vědomostní soutěž.

    killer sudoku and greater than sudoku puzzles from easy to very difficult. New puzzles every day. Play on-online or download for off-line play.


    Free online competitive jigsaw puzzles. Choose a puzzle from the gallery or create your own puzzles and share them with friends.


    Die Site bietet eine Suchmaschine für Tests an und stellt ein Portal für andere Testseiten dar.

    Land der Wörter

    Vielseitiger Rätsel-Shop mit kostenlosen Proben zu allen Rätsel-Typen.

    Knowledge Board is your first and best source for information about knowledgeboard . Here you will also find topics relating to issues of general interest. We hope you find what you are looking for!


    Division of Sirma AI - Artificial Intelligence Labs. Focused on research and development in text processing and knowledge management.

    EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, FREE way to create crossword puzzles (crosswords) in minutes.


    Finds words for Scrabble and Crossword games.

    My Tech Interviews

    My Tech Interviews PREPARE FOR A TECHNICAL INTERVIEW Challenge – 50 trucks with payload

    Livewire Puzzles

    Makes wire puzzles of various levels of difficulty.

    Find the words from a given set of letters (up to 16) and determines their Scrabble scores.

    Genius Puzzles and Riddles

    Genius Puzzles A puzzle a day , keeps the doctor away :-) A puzzle a day , keeps the doctor away :-)

    Games Inc. was founded in 1988 on the premise that there needed to be more "family-friendly" entertainment. ... The company has plans for releasing many new puzzle games in the near future, and holds patents on several new games, including new ways of sol