Belize Top Sites for History

    The Victorian Web

    Scholarly resources on a wide range of Victorian topics: political and social history, philosophy, literature, individual authors, visual arts, science, technology, religion, entertainment, and economy. Developed by George P. Landow at Brown University.

    La guía 2000

    Bitácora interactiva, que recorre la historia mundial clasificada por categorías.

    EyeWitness to History

    Profiles of historical characters and events from ancient times to today, told with the images and words of those who lived it.

    History Link 101

    Explores the art, biographies, daily life, maps, pictures, and research of the ancient and prehistoric world.

    Institute for Historical Review

    Site of the world s leading historical revisionist organisation. Many articles from its journal (founded in 1980) are reproduced, and also contains a few general texts on the subject of why the mainstream Holocaust historiography is allegedly wrong.

    Helicopter History Site

    The Helicopter History site traces the evolution of rotary wing aircraft back to Leonardo Da Vinci

    A multimedia history of World War One including the build-up, source documents, timeline, maps, battlefields and battles, weaponry, who's who, memoirs, and vintage audio, video and photographs.

    King Arthur & The Knights of the Round Table

    Visitors can view a time line of significant events,read a summarized version of the legend, and retrieve information on well-known objects and characters.

    Topics include archaeology, architecture, art, culture, history, and maps.

    History World

    HistoryWorld describes world history in interconnecting narratives and illustrated timelines. You can search for events by theme, place and year.

    The People History

    Memories of events, nostalgia, and experiences as recalled by people.

    Constitution Society

    Comprehensive collection of constitutional materials, including books, articles, and tools.

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