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    Provides information about the broad line of weapons made by this firm. In Italian and English. |

    The leading content site on the Internet for accurate rifles and precision shooting. Active Message Board, Interviews with Champion Shooters, Feature Articles, Video Clips, Free Targets, Reloading Guides. Over 800 pages of content. Over 2000 photos.

    Gun Reviews & Prices is a site that details thousands of rifles, handguns/pistols, and shotguns with prices, pictures, details, and user commentary. This is a user powered website!

    Форумы, статьи, ссылки на веб-сайты и магазины оружейной тематики. Ответы на многие часто задаваемые вопросы. Рекомендации для покупки стрелкового оружия и аксессуаров к нему.