Brunei Darussalam Top Sites for History

    Timelines of History

    Universal history site with individual country timelines, also Today in History and various subjects timelines.

    Who 2

    Web searches for information on celebrities. Includes odd groupings of famous people.

    Ancient Egypt Online

    Resource featuring information on gods, monuments, hieroglyphs and kings.

    The Appendix

    The Appendix is a quarterly journal of narrative and experimental history.

    Helicopter History Site

    The Helicopter History site traces the evolution of rotary wing aircraft back to Leonardo Da Vinci

    Wells Fargo History Pages

    In 1852, Henry Wells and William Fargo founded a financial services company that has become a legendary part of the American West.

    Experience Ancient Egypt

    Discover the Pyramids, the language and daily life, the Gods, and the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. And get travel advice to see it all for yourself.

    Oregon Historical Society

    Preserving, collecting, and publishing Oregon's multicultural history through museum exhibitions, research collections, and publications.

    EyeWitness to History

    Profiles of historical characters and events from ancient times to today, told with the images and words of those who lived it.

    History World

    HistoryWorld describes world history in interconnecting narratives and illustrated timelines. You can search for events by theme, place and year.