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    Aves de Chile

    Índice general de las aves de Chile, con nomenclatura científica, ubicación geográfica y listado de las aves en lista roja.

    All About Birds

    Comprehensive guide to North American birds and bird watching from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Includes Bird Guide with identification, life history, sound and video recordings of each bird, with additional 'Birds of North America' material available

    Bird Barrier, Inc.

    Manufacturer of equipment to control pest birds with non-lethal, physical deterrents.

    on the brink of sanity.

    ANDY - 18 | draws and vids | professional procrastinator + the lazy ninja Speedy to my Aqualad. ART COMMISSION INFO Blog contains swearing and sometimes NSFW. Spoilers are tagged. Former URL:...

    Finder Bird

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    Xeno Canto

    The world's largest community website on birdsong, with over 37,000 recordings of 6,000+ species.

    Bienvenido a Bebe Pigeon

    Productos para bebés Pigeon. Sitio para Latinoamérica.Con más de 50 años de intensiva investigación en alimentación del lactante, Pigeon ofrece accesorios de la más alta calidad para la lactancia materna a las familias de todo el mundo.

    The National Audubon Society

    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

    Nest Watch (Cornell)

    Bluebird bios, nesting requirements, data collection, and nestbox cams.


    Utilizing a real-time, online checklist program to maximize the utility and accessibility of the vast numbers of bird observations made each year by recreational and professional bird watchers. Developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National

    BirdLife International

    BirdLife International is a global alliance of conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries which, together, are the leading authority on the status of birds, their habitats and the issues and problems affecting them.


    ARCI is a non-profit that focuses on applied ecological studies of rare and imperiled birds. Our work stimulates and informs conservation and management action.

    Conoce la colección de Pelotazos

    Oiseaux .net

    Portail et guide encyclopédique des oiseaux. Fiches descriptives des oiseaux de France et du Monde. Galerie de photos, dessins et chants. Dossiers thématiques, annuaire, livres et jeux ornithos.


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    Fundacion ProAves Colombia

    Una ONG conservacionista dedicada al estudio y proteccion de las aves y biodiversidad en Colombia. **A conservation NGO dedicated to the protection and study of birds and biodiversity in Colombia.**

    Servicio Técnico de Parrot

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    Bird Forum

    Forums for discussion of birds, birding, and bird photography worldwide. Includes photo gallery and trip reports.


    World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is a global, annual commemorative event to highlight and celebrate migratory birds and the phenomenon of bird migration. The event was initiated by the UNEP administered Convention of Migratory Species (UNEP/CMS) and the Af