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    Used lab equipment pricing and products archive with over 100,000 scientific equipment listings. The first place to look for new and used scientific products!


    Manufacturer of novel and staple research reagents for scientists worldwide: antibodies, ELISA sets, and TrueBlot, a novel WB/IP product.


    Оборудование и реактивы для диагностики методом ПЦР (полимеразной цепной реакции). Полное оснащение ПЦР-лабораторий. Москва.

    Molecular Devices

    Cell and plate washers and dispensers, bioanalytical measurement systems, cell harvesters, supernatant collection system.

    LI-COR Biosciences

    Electronic instrumentation for environmental, agricultural and ecological research. Products include photosynthesis and fluorescence measurement systems, gas analyzers, spectroradiometers and weather stations.


    Manufacturer of life sciences research instruments for molecular diagnostics. Provides technical information about the technology.

    USA Scientific

    Laboratory products source for molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, radiation safety, drug discovery, and high throughput screening.


    X-ray detector modules and systems, silicon drift detectors for X-ray fluorescence analysis, chamber sensors and associated electronics electronics.

    Hettich Centrifuges

    Recognized as one of the top clinical & research centrifuge manufacturers in the world, Andreas Hettich GmbH & Co.KG (Hettich Centrifuges) continues to be a leader in centrifugation technology, innovation and safety. For more than 100 years, our centrifug

    Windsor Scientific

    Provides electrochemical, metrological and analytical equipment - scanning probe microscopes, accessories, and probes.

    Block Scientific, Inc.

    Refurbished clinical and research laboratory equipment. Includes equipment wish list, product search, specials, and upcoming events.

    Park Systems

    Manufacturer of a complete range of AFM solutions for imaging and measurement needs in research and industry.

    Offers compound and stereo microscopes, cameras, and accessories.

    Invitrogen Corporation

    Develops, manufactures and markets research tools for use in gene cloning, gene expression and gene analysis as well as other molecular biology activities. (Nasdaq: IVGN).

    Ladd Research Industries

    Supplies and accessories for light and electron microscopy and an electronic version of Ladd Research Blue Book of Microscopy.

    Jeio Tech Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment, temperature, humidity chambers, dry ovens, incubators, shakers, baths, circulators, temperature and humidity chambers.

    Thermo Scientific: zuverlässiger Partner in Labor und Praxis

    Unter dem Markennamen Thermo Scientific bietet das Unternehmen Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:TMO) zur Beschleunigung des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts und zur Bewältigung analytischer Herausforderungen Analyse- und Laborgeräte, Softwareprogramm

    Angstrom Advanced Inc.

    Manufacturer of scientific instruments for academic and industrial applications including ellipsometers, gas generators, atomic force microscopes, X-ray diffraction equipment and X-ray flaw detectors.

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    Swiss Instruments Ltd

    Canadian distributor for Lista Metal Storage cabinets, shelving and workbenches, precision metrology equipment and precision industrial machinery.

    GX Optical

    Offers a range of microscopes and accessories.


    株式会社アールバキュームラボ(旧社名 有限会社山本真空研究所)は高真空/超高真空機器の設計・製造・販売を行っています