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    Web-based application that uses games to improve cognitive abilities. Provides information about memory, brain health and cognition.

    独・数之道 | 数独爱好者

    为数独爱好者而建。数独、迷题百余种。练习、PK、比赛。QQ超级群:62138660. 微信号SudokuFans 来和世界冠军PK吧

    Puzzle & Dragons Database

    Puzzle & Dragons News, Deck Lists and Strategy information for the Puzzle & Dragons Player.


    Rubik's Cube information site includes puzzle patterns, links and solutions.

    Puzzle site run by Nikoli

    Puzzle site run by Nikoli Slitherlink Nurikabe Heyawake Akari Hitori Masyu Shikaku Numberlink Shakashaka Kakuro and Sudoku

    SMART Technologies Inc.

    SMART Ideas is concept mapping software for Windows that allows you to visually represent your ideas and their relationships using a variety of colors, shapes, symbols and links.

    My Tech Interviews

    My Tech Interviews PREPARE FOR A TECHNICAL INTERVIEW Challenge – 50 trucks with payload


    Play sudoku puzzles online for free.

    Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

    Features instructional games and puzzles based on a variety of math topics. Includes more serious articles about the language of math and related links. Includes more than 850 interactive Java illustrations, games and puzzles with mathematical content.

    Brain Teasers

    Brain teasers, riddles, logic puzzles and problems, paradoxes, optical illusions, IQ tests and logical games.


    Site with Sudoku and many variants, as well solvers, strategy explanations, etc.


    ルイーダの居酒屋 ルイーダの居酒屋は、様々なゲームのフレンド募集・アイテム交換などの待合所です。仲良く使ってね。


    Die Site bietet eine Suchmaschine für Tests an und stellt ein Portal für andere Testseiten dar.

    Brain Metrix

    Contains IQ tests, solving math problems and games like chess, brain workouts, mind exercise and how to boost your brain power.

    Games Inc. was founded in 1988 on the premise that there needed to be more "family-friendly" entertainment. ... The company has plans for releasing many new puzzle games in the near future, and holds patents on several new games, including new ways of sol


    SUDOKU online denne tri obtiažnosti a varianty SUDOKU online, porovanie výsledkov v rebríčkoch a k tomu dobrá zábava s ľuďmi, ktorí majú radi SUDOKU.

    民德 | MINDEO



    Brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.

    Crossword Tracker

    A crossword solving search engine with a reverse feature that lets you see other clues pointing to an answer.


    Free online competitive jigsaw puzzles. Choose a puzzle from the gallery or create your own puzzles and share them with friends.


    Présente graphiquement la résolution des différents cubes rubik's cubes, du skweb, du pyraminx et de la masterball. Aides à la résolution proposées sur le forum. Et si le rubik's cube, c'était facile ?

    Home site for the Binary Arts line of mind puzzles.

    Find the words from a given set of letters (up to 16) and determines their Scrabble scores.


    Open source visualization software package based on IBM's Visualization Data Explorer.


    Supports MindManager, FreeMind, JPG and indented (outline-style) text. Also features a formatting guide, a forum and examples.

    Mindo Outdoor Furniture for Hospitality

    Jouez à des milliers de quizz sur tous les sujets, et créez vos propres quiz simplement et gratuitement.


    Welcome to This site contains a number of resources that various people (including educators and students) can use to...