Congo Kinshasa Top Sites for Agriculture


    bio.actualité est le site internet du mouvement bio en Suisse. Il informe les agriculteurs bio de Suisse sur les exigences des cahiers des charges, les techniques de production, la commercialisation et la transformation alimentaire. Il propose des po

    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

    With a mission to contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnership, capacity building, and policy support. Also promotes sustainable agricultural development based on the environmentally sound manag

    Bioversity International

    Provides information, publications and news on a range of subjects including agricultural ecosystems, genebanks, germplasm collection, crop wild relatives and neglected and underutilized species.

    Agriculture Guide

    ur task is to give agriculture adequate publicity while at the same time, enlightening the public regarding agricultural terms, production,protection, techniques, background information, applications and methods.