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    Ravno Do Dna - magazin pop kulture. Kad si na dnu, možeš samo prema gore.

    Flora VTC d.o.o.

    Društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za obavljenje komunalnih djelatnosti.

    Проблемы эволюции

    Обзоры, публикации, базы данных по различным аспектам эволюционной биологии.

    The PDB archive contains information about experimentally-determined structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and complex assemblies. As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data according to agreed upon standards. The RCSB




    A community of people who feel alienated, excluded, outcasted and disconnected from the people around them.

    New England Biolabs

    NEB offers restriction endonucleases, recombinant enzymes, PCR reagents, expression systems, markers, competent cells and reagents for RNA analysis, polymerases, modifying enzymes, nucleic acids, RNAi and RNA enzymes with headquarters in Ipswich, MA, USA.

    Home | Royal Society Publishing

    The Royal Society is the UK’s national academy of science. Our Publishing website provides a range of services and facilities including access to our journals, news of recently published science and the opportunity to buy publications onlin...

    Newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Most discussions in the newsgroup center on the creation/evolution controversy, but other topics include geology, catastrophism or cosmology.


    Dictyostelium discoideum as a model for cellular development, chemotaxis, motility, cytokinesis defects, phagocytosis and functional genomics, at the Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL.


    Provides aquarium related tools from volume and fertilization calculators, problem diagnoser, and a sketching tool.

    Blue World - Adriatic Dolphin Project

    Information about Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and this long-running research and conservation project of resident populations in the Mediterranean.

    Why Evolution is True

    Biology professor Jerry Coyne and author of "Why Evolution is True" writes on topics including evolution research and creationism.

    The GeneCards Database of Human Genes

    A searchable, integrated database of human genes that provides concise genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, genetic and functional information on all known and predicted human genes.

    Dolphin's World

    Information and facts about bottlenose dolphins, killer whales and river dolphins.

    The Ensembl Project

    Ensembl is a joint project between EMBL-EBI and the Sanger Centre to develop a software system which produces and maintains automatic annotation on eukaryotic genomes.

    MykoWeb: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology

    Information on mushrooms, fungi, mycophagy, and mycology primarily for the amateur. Includes photos, descriptions, recipes, mostly San Francisco, CA area.

    Bioscience Technology

    Lists products for life science, bioscience, and biotechnology disciplines. Organized by function.

    Mushroom Observer: Activity Log

    Mushroom Observer is a forum where amateur and professional mycologists can come together and celebrate their common passion for mushrooms by discussing and sharing photos of mushroom sightings from around the world.


    A wiki serving the biological science and engineering community