Cyprus Top Sites for Disabled And Special Needs started off as a website at, evolved to an interactive network of services and an online community of thousands of people. It aired in January 2004 and was founded as a Limited Partnership (Ltd.) firm in March 2010. By founding decla

    PACER Home Page

    The PACER Center is a funded parent center providing support and advocacy for children with disabilities and their families.

    National Down Syndrome Society

    Not-for-profit organization supporting research in the United States. Includes details of education and advocacy programs.

    In 1945, the Australian Advisory Council for the Physically Handicapped was formed in response to the need for national co-ordination of the respective state and territory bodies. By the beginning of the 1960’s, it was recognised that disability service

    Дверь в мир

    Юридическая помощь инвалидам и людям в трудной жизненной ситуацию. Актуальные новости, полезные статьи, занокодательство, форум и чат для