Denmark Top Sites for Fish And Aquaria

    Tropica Aquarium Plants

    Producer and distributor of aquarium plants, with information on their care. Based in Denmark.

    The Planted Tank

    Provides information on how to successfully keep a planted aquarium. Contains articles, videos, images and a message board.


    Online-Versender von Aquaristik- und Teichzubehör wie Dekorationsmaterial, Futter- und Aufbereitungsmittel sowie Filtertechnik.

    Zebrafish Information Network

    Includes information on Danio rerio, including genomics databases, developmental stages, publications and molecular tools.

    Marine Depot

    Hardware, food and additives as well as livestock and live rock/sand for aquariums. A goldfish society with international experts, novice keepers, exchanging idea, helping problems (diseases) and improving our fish keeping skill. Specializing in Ranchu, Oranda, Ryukin, Pearlscale, Moore, Dragon Eye, Bubble Eye, Butte


    Searchable global database containing information on 25,585 species (110,000 common names), 71,000 synonyms, 28,000 photos, and 21,000 references. - Pro-Fish DK

    Vi har et stort udvalg til lystfiskeren og sælger grej med valuta for pengene. Se især vores store flue sortiment.


    Supplies pet products for fish, dogs, cats and birds and all small animals throughout the UK and Europe. Also water garden products.

    Feet a fish - forside

    FEET A FISH er Danmarks største fiske-spa koncept som netop nu er beliggende på sjælland i storcentrene: Fields , Waves, Lyngby & Sillebroen

    Loaches On-Line

    An extensive source of information on many species of botias and loaches.

    Seriously Fish

    A resource with tropical fish species profiles, articles and weblog posts, as well as an active community including a forum and club database.

    Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

    The website of the UK s best-selling aquarium magazines covers all areas of fishkeeping is one of the world s largest aquarium websites.

    Reef Central Online Community

    Learn about reef aquarium setup and maintenance, and view coral and marine fish photos. Includes discussion board and chat.

    Planet Catfish

    Includes a large image library, technical articles, and information.

    AC Tropical Fish

    Features articles, forum, calculators, and a free freshwater aquarium E-book.

    My Aquarium Club

    A group 'blog and blogging platform for aquarists.

    JBL GmbH

    Herstellung von Futtermitteln, Medikamenten, Wasserzusätzen und Zubehör, mit sehr ausführlichen Beschreibungen und aktuellen Infos aus dem Bereich der Aquaristik.

    Tetra is the only brand name that's become synonymous with ornamental fish keeping, thanks to Dr. ... He founded Tetra Werke (Company) in Melle, Germany 50 years ago, and pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetra now manufactures hundreds

    Forum, das sich mit der Haltung und Zucht von L-Welsen im Aquarium befasst, aber auch mit Panzerwelsen und allen anderen Welsarten.


    Omfattande sajt om akvarium och akvariefiskar, mer än 1000 textsidor och 2.500 färgfoton. - Dansk saltvandsside med blog, artsbeskrivelser, artikler, akvariegalleri og meget mere.

    Forums, library, FAQs, and links related to very small reef aquariums.

    Large catalog of available live fish stock. Also offers information and access to discussion board.

    Tropical Fish Hobbyist

    Features an index of articles from recent years and a synopsis of the current issue.

    Aquarium Advice

    Forums dedicated to a variety of topics.

    Aquarium Forum

    Features a forum for enthusiasts of freshwater aquariums, with photo gallery. [registration required]

    Aquatic Plant Central

    Aquarium plants community for aquarium plants enthusiasts. Aquatic plant forum and aquarium plant forums for all skill levels, large aquariums or small.

    Our curators personally select only the healthiest livestock which are then treated in our medicated quarantine system to remove parasites and reduce stress. Strict husbandry procedures are followed at all times to ensure optimum health of our livestock.

    Juwel Aquarium GmbH & Co. KG

    Hersteller von Aquaristikzubehör, insbesondere Aquarien und Abdeckungen. [D-27356 Rotenburg]