Denmark Top Sites for Mental Health

    Psychology Today

    Featured columns on relationships, mental health education, and work related issues. Recent mental health news and archives. Includes a national therapist directory.


    Om fondens arbejde, og med artikler fra fondens tidsskrift, Psykiatriinfo.

    Netpsykiater - Om Psykiske Sygdomme

    Oplysning om psykiatri og psykologi. Diagnosen. Behandling. Psykoterapi. Medicin mod psykiske sygdomme. Forløb. Forebyggelse. Spørg psykiater. Hyppigst stillede spørgsmål og svar. Hvad kan man selv gøre. Hvor får man behandling

    Dr. John Grohol's Psych Central

    Dr. John Grohol's home of down-to-earth, reliable and objective mental health symptoms and treatment information. We're here to help.


    Information om foreningen og om opmærksomhedsforstyrrelser.

    Videncenter for Arbejdsmiljø

    Indsamler og formidler national og international viden om arbejdsmiljø fra forskning og praksis.


    Depressionsportal med artikler, støtte, fora, chat og nyheder.


    Patientforening for mennesker med angstforstyrrelser som primær lidelse. Information om lidelserne og foreningens arbejde.


    Practical, motivating information you can use to help yourself and others. Take control of your mental health, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

    Forebyg stress

    Forstå, håndter og forebyg stress privat og på arbejdspladsen.

    BLAH Therapy

    Ever say to yourself I need someone to talk to right now? Blahtherapy connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as sharing their own. Talking through our emotional, psychological, or me

    Center for Autisme

    Undersøgelser, rådgivning, forskning og kurser. ... insight at your fingertips

    Psychtests is dedicated to self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-improvement. Our contribution to these valuable ideals is an extensive collection of psychological assessments which are professionally developed and relevant to real people's lives. T


    Expert advice, feature articles, community, resource directories for adults and parents living with attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities. Includes the latest news, forums, book review database, and much more.

    Doreen Virtue: Angel Therapy

    A clairvoyant psychic who lectures and leads workshops to train participants to become a Certified Past Life Healer and Regressionist, Angel Therapy Practitioner, or Angel Intuitive. Includes profile, course details and FAQ.

    Explore the Brain and Mind - is a public information initiative of The Kavli Foundation, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and the Society for Neuroscience. It is an authoritative source of information about the brain and nervous system for the public. Visit us for fac

    Social Anxiety Support

    An online support community for those who suffer from social anxiety.

    Slip Angsten

    Site about Anxciety, fear, fobias and how to get along with it and cope. A forum, where you cam discuss your thougts.

    Mood Tracker

    Provides an online chart for people with bipolar disorder and depression. It features an email / text message system and the ability to share chart information with your doctor. Includes a FAQs, and news.


    Borderlinenetværket er skabt for alle, som har borderline personlighedsforstyrrelse tæt inde på kroppen, eller interesserer sig for borderline-området.

    Mad in America

    A history of medical treatments for mental illness, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders, and why those treatments led to the antipsychiatry movement.


    Provides patients, family members, and caregivers with information on a variety of important mental health topics including schizophrenia and other common mental illnesses.


    Information om lidelsen og om foreningens arbejde.

    Praksis for Kognitiv Terapi

    En klinik i København, som har specialiseret sig indenfor angstbehandling og OCD behandling.

    Wrong Planet

    Online community and resource for those with Asperger's Syndrome.

    SE Foreningen Danmark

    Kurser og uddannelse i Somatic Experiencing henvendt til psykologer, læger, psykoterapeuter og kropsterapeuter. Kropsbaseret metode til behandling af kriser, chok og traumer efter eksempelvis naturkatastrofer, tortur eller voldtægt.

    Simply Psychology

    Psychology articles and resources targeted at A-level and degree students.

    Zur Institute, LLC

    Online Continuing Education (CEUs) for Psychotherapists, Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs, Social Workers, Counselors and Nurses.