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    Gouvernement du Québec

    Ce portail offre plusieurs moyens d'accéder à l'information ainsi qu'aux renseignements sur les programmes et services du gouvernement québécois.

    Ana Sayfa


    Citizenship and Immigration Canada

    Features legal and procedural information, news and statistics, and publications and forms for all aspects of Canadian immigration, including independent immigration, family-sponsored immigration, temporary work authorization, NAFTA and GATS work visas, a

    U.S. Department of State

    Information about the department, its officials, and foreign affairs activities; also webpages for regular and special programs, consulates, and materials about geography, travel, foreign policy, and related topics.

    Information about French law, French and international sites.


    Official portal to the European Union with news and information about its activities, institutions, policies and programmes. [Multi lingual]

    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

    Strives to reduce poverty; increase literacy; create jobs; enhance technical cooperation between industrialized and non-industrialized nations; protect the environment; and ensure that women receive recognition, encouragement, and training.

    United Nations

    Daily UN news, documents and publications, overview information, conference information, photos, and other UN information resources.

    USAGC with its online presence render non-American natives FREE information on the latest US immigration Laws and regulations, and especially the US Green ... USAGC also helps you an easy tracking over the registration process. ... USAGC believe that all





    Administration fiscale

    Informations et services utiles à la déclaration et au paiement de l'impôt pour les particuliers, professionnels et collectivités locales.


    Avec plus de 5000 modèles de lettres et de contrats rédigés par des juristes, Documentissime est le 1er centre de ressources juridiques gratuites sur Internet et le partenaire administratif et juridique des internautes (entreprises et particuliers). Do

    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)

    Forum at which the countries of North America, western, central and eastern Europe and central Asia come together to forge the tools of their economic cooperation. Includes programmes, meetings, resources and contact information.



    La documentation française

    Liste des publications du gouvernement, des périodiques administratifs, des rapports publiques. Service de vente en ligne.

    Statistics Canada

    Provides economic, social and census data, related publications, news, and education resources.

    OSAC - Niger

    U.S. government PPP monitors and reports on regional security for American businesses operating in the area. Provides daily news, overseas posts, country councils, travel warnings and travel alerts. From the Overseas Security Advisory Council.


    United Nations website providing information to humanitarian relief organizations. Updated daily. There is also a directory of non-governmental organizations. The website is a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affai


    Présentation de la chambre haute du Parlement et de ses membres. Elle représente les collectivités territoriales et siège au palais du Luxembourg. Depuis 1996, textes de loi, rapports, séances et questions sont accessibles. Multilingue fr/en/es/de/pt

    Complete database of visa requirements for all nations around the world.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Official statements, press releases, facts and figures about France's history, geography, economy and institutions.

    Front National (FN)

    Site officiel du parti fondé par Jean-Marie Le Pen. Inclut programme politique, calendriers et vidéos.

    Welcome to GOV.UK

    GOV.UK - The place to find government services and information replacing Directgov and Business Link - Simpler, clearer, faster Telling America's Story

    U.S. Department of State portal about the people, places, values and ideas that define the character of the United States. [Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Russian, Spanish]

    International Bar Association

    The world's leading global organisation of legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. 18,000 members exchange information relating to all international aspects of law.

    Conseil national des barreaux

    Organisme représentatif et de coordination des barreaux français. Observatoire de la profession d'avocat. Annuaire des barreaux et des avocats.

    Welcome to GOV.UK

    GOV.UK - The place to find government services and information replacing Directgov and Business Link - Simpler, clearer, faster

    Post Office

    Full details of the services available, including banking, foreign exchange, licences of all kinds and passports. Local post-office finder.

    Fiches pratiques et actualités droit, argent, loisirs, santé, famille