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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provides an online search of the millions of names in its International Genealogical Index, and of genealogical Web sites. Also information on its Family History Library and local branches.

    Genoom is a web 2.0 application to create private family networks View tour Genoom has been developed by a group of web programmers and designers inside the company Midatel ( ) from Barcelona (Spain) ... E-mail: [email protected] Inscripc


    Features a network of online genealogy databases.

    Subscription based resource of worldwide census, marriage, newspaper and various other records. Includes some free searchable databases, columns and articles, gedcoms, and forums.


    MyHeritage makes it easier for people around the world to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends. At you can create your family s website, build a family tree, research your ancestors, and discover distan


    Enables the creation of a family tree, and a profile, which can be shared with family and friends.


    Servicio comercial genealógico que facilita un dossier con la historia de apellidos incluyendo personajes importantes y escudo de armas. Envios por correo electrónico o postal.

    Offers FamilyTreeMaker software, subscription based access to searchable databases plus forums, news, and research tips.

    Dutch Genealogical Society

    The NGV is the largest society of its kind in the Netherlands. It is not a commercial institution but run entirely by volunteers and therefore not equipped to do genealogical research for individuals.

    Gen Ealogia

    La mejor pagina de genealogia

    23 and Me

    DNA based ancestry testing to help identify your genetic relatives

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    Records Project

    Public records search and collaborative resource for state and county public record information online

    Family tree research using births, marriage and death indexes.

    Gendex Dental Systems

    Provides conventional and digital x-ray imaging for dental applications.

    Warning: In order for GenealogyBank to function correctly in your browser, you will need to enable JavaScript. ... Now we are proud to offer GenealogyBank, a collection of our best genealogical material and much of our exclusive content, to you at home. T


    FAQs, introductions to heraldic concepts and terms, an illustrated glossary and information on heraldry within various countries and groups.

    Offering a complete resource guide, the sharing of family photos and documents.

    Der Verein für Computergenealogie stellt sich und seine Projekte vor.

    Make Your Coat of Arms

    Questions? [email protected] FREE! Create a UNIQUE one-of-a-kind Personal or Family Coat Of Arms to show you and/or your family's iden...

    webtrees - Home page

    webtrees - the web based Family History Software - is based on the popular PhpGedView ('PGV') application. Whereas PGV aimed to do everything for everyone, webtrees aims to to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools,


    Веб-справочник по территориальной и ведомственной символике России и других стран мира. Статьи и новости по геральдике, геральдический фо

    One Great Family

    Online genealogy service that provides a shared database giving users the ability to view, store and data.

    Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

    Welcome! Writing up the happenings of the 48 group and talking about it amongst the friends of the internet! Feel free to ask a question, send comments or concerns! Twitter:...