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    Royal Society of Chemistry

    The RSC is the largest organisation in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. Supported by a worldwide network of members and an international publishing business, its activities span education, conferences, science policy and the promotion of chemis

    Chemical Portal

    Online chemistry tools, forums, unit converters, symmetry tables, periodic table and chemical constants.


    Классические учебники по органической, неорганической, физической, коллоидной и биохимии. Химическая энциклопедия и форум химиков.

    Полезная информация по химии

    Электронный учебник, информация о ЕГЭ,тесты по химии ,примеры решения задач, история химии, занимательные опыты , биографии химиков, номенк

    Химия и Химики

    Статьи, видеодемонстрации опытов, олимпиадные задачи, проблемы науки и образования, научный юмор. Форум.

    Dynamic Periodic Table

    Interactive periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes, and compound search. Full descriptions from write-up sources.


    Resource for A Level chemistry students.

    Sciencemadness Dot Org

    FAQ Forum (http) Forum (https) Library Member publications Los Alamos Technical Reports


    Free chemistry search engine which aggregates and indexes chemical structures and their associated information into a single searchable repository.

    Ccl Home

    Discusson forum, repository and information source for computer applications in chemistry and life sciences.

    Химия, фармакология и токсикология

    Бесплатная база данных по химии. Описание токсинов и токсичных веществ. Методики химических синтезов. Химические константы и свойства вещ

    Find chemical structures on web pages and provide predicted data for each structure using ChemAxon's Name to Structure parsing and structure based predictions

    Organic Chemistry Portal

    Includes a searchable literature index, named reactions and protecting groups as well as a chemical database.

    The Elements

    Pictorial version of the periodic table including technical data, photographs and descriptions of thousands of minerals.

    Organic Syntheses

    Free electronic version of printed Organic Syntheses series - detailed reliable experimental methods for the synthesis of organic compounds.

    Turvatekniikan Keskus - Tukes

    Kauppa- ja teollisuusministeriön alainen virasto, jonka tehtävänä on huolehtia teknisestä turvallisuudesta, muun muassa sähkö- ja paineastia- sekä kemikaaliturvallisuudesta Suomessa.

    Chemical Forums

    Discussion boards for all areas of chemistry, at levels ranging from high school to graduate school and practicing chemists. Site also includes web directory, periodic table, articles, and reference tables.


    Лоцман в море химических веществ и явлений. Представлены биографии физиков и химиков, сведения для абитуриентов, желающих изучать химию, х


    Материалы для подготовке к ЕГЭ, задания и итоги олимпиад, аннотации книг, информация об элементах и их соединениях.


    Ein Informationspool für Schüler, Studenten und alle Interessierten. Ein umfangreiches Angebot von Referaten, Scripten, Facharbeiten, Nachhilfe, Aufgaben und Links.

    Чемезова Елена

    Путешествия, мода, покупки, косметика, книги. Заметки по темам.

    The Chemistry Store

    Serving the hobbyist, student, school and industry with small quantities of raw material chemicals.

    Chemistry Explained

    Covers chemistry, its laws, processes, applications and subdisciplines in hundreds of illustrated articles.

    APChemistryNMSI - home

    Welcome to The AP Chemistry National Math & Science Initiative Student Wiki!!

    Учебник химии

    Химия - органическая и неорганическая химия. Формулы, справочники и опыты по химии. and its sister site are owned and authored by myself.

    Chem1Ware Ltd.

    Instructional software for general chemistry. Provides access to demo version, frequently asked questions and support resources.

    Wavefunction, Inc

    Producer of spartan, a quantum chemical calculation program with nice visualization opportunities.

    Model Science Software

    Develops simulation software for education, such as Model ChemLab, which can be used for distance learning over the Internet.