Ethiopia Top Sites for History

    Topics include archaeology, architecture, art, culture, history, and maps.

    Constitution Society

    Comprehensive collection of constitutional materials, including books, articles, and tools.

    Axis History

    Welcome to AHF! Axis History is an apolitical site and forum dedicated to the history of the European Axis nations during the Second World War.  Here

    The Holocaust Research Project

    It was once said that not remembering the Holocaust means to side with the executioners against its victims; not to remember means to kill the victims a second time; not to remember means to become an accomplice of the enemy. On the other hand, to remembe


    African Holocaust is a production company, which recognises the essential role of media in conscious education. Independent media has the potential of reshape and healing the systematic historical misrepresentation of African people and their culture and

    Osmanlı İmparatorluğu

    Osmanlı İmparatorluğu'nun 700. Yılı için hazırlanmış kapsamlı bir site.

    Daily historical facts and events, famous birthdays, world history, music history, and quote of the day.


    Tampuuri fi Etusivu

    Gates To Hell - Nazi KZ Camps

    Extermination centers in occupied Poland with special apparatus especially designed for mass murder: giant death machines.

    The People History

    Memories of events, nostalgia, and experiences as recalled by people.

    History World

    HistoryWorld describes world history in interconnecting narratives and illustrated timelines. You can search for events by theme, place and year.

    Home Page

    The Paddington Rifles; The reign of George III; the reign of George IV; the reign of William IV; Bute; Chatham; Grenville; Rockingham; the American War of Independence; the impact of the French Wars on England; Pitt the Younger; John Wilkes; Eighteenth