Finland Top Sites for Instruments And Supplies

    Molecular Devices

    Cell and plate washers and dispensers, bioanalytical measurement systems, cell harvesters, supernatant collection system.

    LI-COR Biosciences

    Electronic instrumentation for environmental, agricultural and ecological research. Products include photosynthesis and fluorescence measurement systems, gas analyzers, spectroradiometers and weather stations.

    The Lab Depot, Inc.

    Chemicals, glassware, plasticware, chemistry products, pH equipment, balances, scales. Sales to companies and individuals.


    Used lab equipment pricing and products archive with over 100,000 scientific equipment listings. The first place to look for new and used scientific products!

    Casagrande Laboratory

    Casagrande Laboratory (C-lab) is a Finland based multidisciplinary research & design company operating independently on the field of built human environment.

    Microscope Depot

    Online sales of stereo, compound, student, professional, video and industrial light microscopes. Also offers microscope cameras and accessories from Tracy, California.

    Microscope World

    Offers online sales for professionals and students, with customer resources and articles to download. Carlsbad, California.


    Manufacturer of life sciences research instruments for molecular diagnostics. Provides technical information about the technology.


    Manufacturer of novel and staple research reagents for scientists worldwide: antibodies, ELISA sets, and TrueBlot, a novel WB/IP product.

    Online retailer offering pre-configured and custom-configured compound, stereo, and digital microscopes, educational and student microscopes, parts, accessories and other laboratory equipment.


    X-ray detector modules and systems, silicon drift detectors for X-ray fluorescence analysis, chamber sensors and associated electronics electronics.


    Retailer of optical microscopes and accessories including loupes, stereo, compound, industrial and digital microscopes and systems.

    Meiji Techno Microscopes

    Main U.S. distributor site. Meiji Techno is the third-largest optical microscope manufacturer in Japan. They offer educational, industrial, and laboratory microscopes via dealers worldwide.