Gibraltar Top Sites for Education

    W3 Schools

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    SchoolTube is the best source for videos from students and teachers everywhere. Endorsed by leading educational organizations.


    Delivers online courses that cover many topics and interests. Fees vary.

    Education City

    Offers e-learning resources and activities for use in primary schools and as a home schooling resource. is a highly secure internet login system to centralize and manage your accounts for multiple websites - single sign-on system. Access a variety of websites without revealing your information.

    Hodder Education is the educational division of Hodder Headline. Formerly known as Hodder Arnold, the division was formed after the merger of Hodder & Stoughton Educational with Arnold Publishers in 2001, and the subsequent acquisitions of the John Murray

    Cactus Language Travel Holidays

    Online booking and course search of language courses (including online classes) in the countries where they are spoken with detailed information and prices of hundreds of courses, accommodation (including homestay) and travel options.


    Consultancy, training and contract management to organisations.

    Kid's Sunday School Place

    Online lesson plans, activities, and craft ideas. Requires paid membership, with limited free content.


    Social entrepreneurship company that partners with top universities around the world to offer free courses online for anyone to take. Includes courses and list of universities.

    Math Playground

    Features math games, word problems, worksheets, and puzzles for elementary and middle school students.

    Universidad de Cádiz

    Página principal de la universidad. Enlaces a vicerrectorados, departamentos, servicios, biblioteca, congresos, cursos y seminarios.


    Teaching and learning resources from Early Years to A Level. Now with Letts and Lonsdale!


    Free online Spanish lessons, as well as a searchable database of Spanish schools worldwide. Search criteria includes: cost, quality, value, and more.

    The Tutor Pages allows you to find tutors in your local area for free. Each tutor has written at least one article for the site, and this helps you decide whether they might be the right tutor for you. ... © The Tutor Pages Ltd. (Company No. 06265936)

    Complex Sentence Generator

    A web application that can potentially transform simple English sentences, paragraphs, bodies of text, words and/or phrases into a more unorthodox, complex and/or convoluted alternative while delivering the same meaning.

    The Good Guides

    Details, rates and ranks universities and courses. Search facility allows searches by course, institution or career in one state or nationally.


    Edutopia is published by The George Lucas Educational Foundation, founded in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas as a nonprofit operating foundation that publishes media to document and disseminate the most innovative practices in K-12 education, including how

    Frustfrei Lernen

    Redaktionell gepflegte Website zu Schulstoff. Beschäftigt sich mit den Fächern Mathematik, Physik, Biologie, Chemie, Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch.

    Maths Is Fun

    Includes lessons, games, puzzles, and offline activities.

    English Forums

    The world's largest free ESL network. Founded in 2002, it continues to thrive as the friendliest place to learn or teach English.


    Grammar and spellchecker software that proofreads text based on the context of a sentence and creates lessons and quizzes based on the user's mistakes.

    Babbel - Learning Languages skip to content skip to navigation Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to use ... At Babbel you can learn useful vocabulary with a fun and intuitive multimedia trainer that uses images and real voices.

    Studis Online

    Informationen rund ums Studium, Tipps für Studierende und aktuelle Meldungen vor allem zu Studiengebühren, Studienfinanzierung und BAföG.