Guam Top Sites for Earth Sciences -- Earth Sciences on the Web

    A website for students, geologists and those who enjoy the earth. Features large collections of US and world country maps, satellite images, geology dictionary, printable time scale, articles about earth science and much more.

    European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre

    Non-profit scientific organisation which provides real-time earthquakes information (84 member institutes from 55 different countries). Develops innovative methods to deliver the fastest information on earthquakes' effects and encourages witnesses of eart


    OneGeology - To be the provider of geoscience data globally

    Fossil Information for Education, Collecting And Fun.

    An educational resource for information about fossils and geologic history. This site is specifically designed for educators and students though anyone with an interest in fossils will find something of benefit. Topics include collecting fossils, fossil f


    Educational and Scientific Information on Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Ocean Governance and Disaster Archaeology