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    International Cannagraphic

    ICMag is a global community of marijuana growers, activists, business entrepreneurs, photographers, breeders, vendors and medical patients.

    Addiction Trip

    Bence, 25, Budapest, Hungary seriasaddict, comics ... Free countersFollow @insanetrip View Bence Fazekas's stickers on GetGlue

    The Weed Blog

    This blog was created for one purpose; to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana policy in America (this includes both medical and non-medical marijuana policy). TheWeedBlog.Com (TWB) strives to be the number one source for important marij

    Offers help for the spouse, family and close friends of compulsive gamblers.


    Személyes referencia oldalam. Médiaszemély, könyv szerző, szakértő, tanácsadó, főszerkesztő, motoros újságíró.

    Drug Policy Alliance

    Organization working to promote new drug policies and to promote alternatives to the war on drugs. Library and research briefs. (Formerly the Lindesmith Center)

    Global Drug Survey

    Global Drug Survey runs the biggest drug survey in the world

    I Love Weed

    A blog with daily updates of guides, pictures, videos, news, and many more topics related to Marijuana!


    Information about marijuana and psychedelic drugs including cannabis photos, cannabis cultivation techniques, drug testing information, psychedelic art, and articles from the magazine.

    KGB « Kind Green Buds

    Everything you ever wanted to know about marijuana - marijuana strain library, marijuana seeds, marijuana grow guide, medical marijuana laws, marijuana forums, marijuana news, marijuana photos, games, and more!

    Eve & Rave

    Infos zu Partydrogen und aktuelle Pillenwarnungen, auch ein Forum wird geboten.

    How to Grow Your Own Marijuana | Grow Weed Easy is a free online educational resource that aims to show anyone how to grow their own marijuana in a clear, concise way. With many states legalizing marijuana for medical use, there are now people who are legally able to grow cannabis, but

    Area a Pert A

    AreaAperta - sperimentazione PHP, tecnologia, Linux, retrogames, e pensieri sparsi

    Hotel Exe Area Central | Santiago

    WEB OFICIAL del hotel Área Central en Santiago de Compostela. Un hotel en Santiago de Compostela situado en el mayor centro comercial de Galicia.

    Informationsportal zu legalen und illegalen Drogen bzw. Suchtmitteln.

    Ecstasy Testing Database

    Weblog and interactive database containing user-submitted subjective reports and test results for ecstasy pills.


    Az ALCOHOL - SYSTEM Kft. egy mérnöki tanácsadó és tervezõ cég mely elsõsorban szeszipari technológiák és berendezések tervezésével foglalkozik, valamint szakértõje ilyen üzemek szerelésének és Ã

    Politically Erect ^

    ^^yea that's my ass, I'm sure I'll share more later^^ SOUTH FLORIDA born & currently livin in Orlando,FL.. connoisseur of all things ASS & anything in life that POPS...i love men with MEAT especially...


    Independent organisation campaigning for a just and effective drug policy.

    Deutscher Hanf Verband (DHV)

    Der DHV ist der professionelle Verband der deutschen Hanfbranche und privater Legalisierungsbefürworter. Er beschäftigt sich mit der Förderung des Rohstoffs Hanf und strebt eine legale Marktregelung für das Genussmittel Cannabis an.


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    Project GHB

    Promotes public awareness about the dangers of GHB and its analogs. Includes information about addiction, effects, deaths, and the chemical analogs being sold in the U.S. now that GHB has been forced off health food store shelves.

    In English, French, and German. University-based quit information center. Online pamphlets loaded with advice on: considering quitting; planning to quit; preparing for the day; staying smoke-free; dealing with relapse. Also online questionnaire, and acces

    Das Projekt der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung hat das Ziel, Jugendliche über Wirkungen und Risiken von legalen und illegalen Drogen von Alkohol bis Zigaretten zu informieren. Interaktiv kann das Konsumverhaltens getestet werden und Disk