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    Az 5-ös számú tétel – a WhiskyNet ajándéka – pedig egy ’ Black & White ’ volt. ... That's how we set up our small family enterprise called WhiskyNet Kft. - I still owe a bottle of whisky to our lawyer (by the way, if you read these lines, pl


    Újgyőri Italház 3532 Miskolc, Vasgyári u. 15. Tel.: 20/9150-576

    Pálinkafőző berendezések - pálinkafőzés otthon

    Pálinkafőzők a tökéletes otthoni pálinkafőzés sikeréért. Pálinka fesztivál hírek. Pálinkafőzde adatbázis. Pálinka főző berendezések széles kínálata kétlépcsős kisüsti pálinka lepárláshoz, hatékony egylépcsős pálinka főz

    Personal numerical beer ratings and message forum.


    The world's most international premium beer.


    Searchable database of wine merchant lists. Locate which wine stores stock specific wines and compare prices on a single page.


    Consumer goods companies with portfolio of world-famous drinks brands. Site details range and company performance.


    Comprehensive wine database with ratings, reviews and prices of wine from almost any winery in the world.

    Coca Cola

    Official site for the manufacturer and distributor of Coke, Diet Coke, and other soft drinks. Offers video clips, commercials and downloads, music and merchandise.

    Articles about spirits and cocktails. Cocktail Recipes, liquor reviews, bar reviews.

    Drink Italgasztronómiai Magazin

    Cégünk kedvező áron kínál minőségi szeszes italokat, úgy mint: vodka, whisky, rumok, tequila, likőr, cognac, bor, sör, ouzo, pálinka, pezsgő, koktélok, coctails, konyak, proseccók, aszúk, aperitif, brandy, ginek, mezcal, keserűk, vermouth

    Brew Your Own

    A how-to homebrew beer magazine for all levels of brewers, from the beginner to the all-grain expert.


    From the Brewers Association. Offers directory of US and International breweries, style finder, terminology guide, pairings, and recipes.

    Untappd - Drink Socially

    Untappd is a new mobile web app that allows you to socially share the brew you're currently enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying it, with your friends!

    Home Brew Forums

    Topics include classifieds, events, regional beers, homebrewing equipment, recipes, and techniques. [Requires free registration]


    Guide to beer, breweries, and brewpubs. Features searchable directory, articles, forum, and user reviews.

    Home Distillation of Alcohol

    A manual on distilling alcohol at home: designing and building, or buying a still, preparing the wash, understanding how distillation works, flavoring and aging the spirits.


    Brouwland Beverlo is Europa's meest gespecialiseerde leverancier voor wijnmakers, bierbrouwers, likeurbereiders en kaasmakers.


    Producers of tea products for the international market. Products, recipes, history of tea and lifestyle tips.

    Green Tea Hibiki-an

    Tea leave producer located in Ujitawara. Offers tea leaves, accessories, and history of green tea.


    Everything coffee. Product reviews and tips and tricks for making coffee.

    BrewDog Beer

    Scottish brewery based in Fraserburgh. Brewing a variety of ales. Details and prices.

    How To Brew - The Book

    A complete online book that will teach the reader how to brew beer at home. It covers both malt extract and all-grain brewing, and explains the science behind the brewing processes. Free.

    Make Beer At Home | Brewer's Friend

    Beer brewing resources for the home brewer of any level. Information on brewing equipment, kegging, lagers, yeast, growing hops, and all styles of beer.

    Wine Folly | Learn about wine.

    Wine Folly's is the best place to learn about wine. Wine tastings available from newbie up to sommelier. Start your wine education today!


    Social networking website for tea drinkers, with special deals on teas and teaware, user-generated ratings and notes, and discussion forums.