India Top Sites for Animal Products And Service

    Indian Veterinary Research Institute

    IVRI is to conduct research and teaching programmes on all aspects of animal health, production, livestock product technology and basic sciences. Izatnagar, UP.

    ARKive : Images of Life on Earth

    An extensive collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species gathered into one centralised digital library.

    The Petition Site

    A petition creation site with an environmental focus. Petitions submitted are reviewed by staff for relevance and quality before being posted to the site. Precedence is given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    Cesars Way

    World-renowned dog behavior specialist, Cesar Millan, is known for his ability to rehabilitate canines from aggression, fear, territorial, and other extreme behavioral issues. Learn about his methods, success stories, and how you too can b...


    Solutions and products offered for healthy and happy pets. Includes store information, customer reviews, services, product and pet related content.

    Drs. Foster and Smith PetEducation

    Information on dog, cat, and other pet health, behavior, nutrition, training and animal care tips provided by veterinarians.

    Poulvet online directory of dog,poultry,dairy and veterinary industries. services like trading of pets, posting of queries, exhibiting of the profiles etc.,

    Defenders of Wildlife

    Organization dedicated to the preservation of all wild animals and native plants in their natural community. Provides action alerts and information.


    Supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small animals, full and self-serve grooming, photography, and veterinary services. Includes store locator, job opportunities, and online ordering.


    Portal to national branches of worldwide manufacturer of complete dry and canned diets. Each country site includes product details and contact information.

    One Kind

    Animal protection charity; offers profile, news, and blogs. Based in Edinburgh.

    Doctors Foster and Smith

    Medical, nutritional and health-related products, and supplies for cats, dogs and other pets. Also products for pets with problems with their bones or joints.

    Veterinary World

    International journal which aims to disseminate scientific knowledge related to veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and allied sciences. Provides information on submitting manuscripts, subscriptions and advertising.

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    Hippo com The Leading Hippo Site on the Net

    Home Page - delivers breaking news and analysis, comprehensive veterinary medical information, and trusted business advice for veterinarians and veterinary teams. This interactive resource offers powerful search, so you can find the solution...

    National Wildlife Federation

    Education, inspiration and assistance for individuals and organizations to conserve wildlife and other natural resources. Action links, and environment discussion board.

    Snow Leopard Trust

    They protect the endangered snow leopard and its Central Asian habitat.

    Animal Corner

    Animal facts and information about animals including pets, wildlife, rainforests, farm animals, Galapagos Wildlife, Marine Animals, Venomous and endangered animals, also animal pictures and animal games.

    Pet Care Rx

    Selling medication, vaccines and pest control products for dogs, cats, birds and fish.

    Petbarn Pty Ltd

    Pet products; catalogue and product range, articles, news, employment, store locations and contact details.


    Supplies medications, vaccines, flea, health, and grooming products.

    Patio Pacific, Inc.

    Manufacturer of the award-winning Endura flap pet doors-The best pet doors ever made. Information starts here Also offer every other pet door on the market including patio panel pet doors, wall mount dog doors and c

    Sells beekeeping supplies, and also has a collection of plans for making equipment.

    TABcom LLC

    Supplies for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and small animals.

    Indian Wildlife Club

    Online Club for nature lovers. A monthly e-magazine as well as a monthly online quiz, chat sessions, searchable archives, empanelled tour operators, Weblog, Wildscapes Product store.


    Panthera directs and implements conservation strategies for the world’s largest and most endangered cats: tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards.

    Canidae and Felidae

    Manufacturer of all natural food and treats for dogs and cats, using human grade A ingredients to produce holistic and hypoallergenic foods.