Isle Of Man Top Sites for Social Sciences

    The Incidental Economist

    Economics, Health Policy, Law, Life: Musings of Curious Minds. More than anything else, the unifying theme of this blog is thoughtful consideration of important ideas. Blog authors write on topics of interest that they know well. These are often related t

    Economics Online

    A digital resource for students of economics.


    Extensive database of the world's languages, organized/searchable by map, language family, country, and language name. From SIL International. Also offers print and CD-ROM versions.

    Dilts, Robert (NLP University)

    Cofounder of NLP and Author of various technical NLP books, Dilts has been training since the beginning. His writings, schedule, and links.

    How Much is That Worth Today?

    Interactive tool to compare the purchasing power of money in the United States (or colonies) from any year to any other year from the 1600s to today.


    This popular magazine also provides the latest news in archaeology from around the world.