Italy Top Sites for Fish And Aquaria


    Il più grande portale di acquariofilia in italia con oltre 3.000 pagine web di articoli, foto e informazioni su questo hobby. Il suo forum conta oltre 25.000 appassionati!

    Reef Central Online Community

    Learn about reef aquarium setup and maintenance, and view coral and marine fish photos. Includes discussion board and chat.

    Dedicato al discus, offre articoli, un forum di discussione, notizie ed approfondimenti.

    Sera GmbH

    Herstellung von Flockenfutter, Medikamenten sowie technischem Zubehör für Aquaristik, Terraristik und Gartenteich. [D-52525 Heinsberg]

    Zebrafish Information Network

    Includes information on Danio rerio, including genomics databases, developmental stages, publications and molecular tools.

    Reef Builders

    Reef aquarium setup and maintenance: forums, online magazine, members blogs.


    Articoli di acquariofilia ed esperienze: acquari tropicali con pesci, piante acquatiche, coralli, inverterbati marini e d'acqua dolce, raccontati da Raffaele Galano attraverso fotografie, news e link.


    L'associazione per la difesa dell'ittiofauna continentale europea presenta i propri programmi e le ricerche, e mette a disposizione il proprio server per la pubblicazione di lavori scientifici.

    The Chic Fish


    Juwel Aquarium GmbH & Co. KG

    Hersteller von Aquaristikzubehör, insbesondere Aquarien und Abdeckungen. [D-27356 Rotenburg]

    JBL GmbH

    Herstellung von Futtermitteln, Medikamenten, Wasserzusätzen und Zubehör, mit sehr ausführlichen Beschreibungen und aktuellen Infos aus dem Bereich der Aquaristik.

    Tropica Aquarium Plants

    Producer and distributor of aquarium plants, with information on their care. Based in Denmark.




    Online-Versender von Aquaristik- und Teichzubehör wie Dekorationsmaterial, Futter- und Aufbereitungsmittel sowie Filtertechnik.

    Forums, library, FAQs, and links related to very small reef aquariums.

    Dottor Fish: Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Spa

    Dottor Fish - Leader in Italia nella Fish Pedicure e manicure con 50 centri attualmente avviati e nella fornitura di pesci Garra rufa certificati per Fish Spa.


    Searchable global database containing information on 25,585 species (110,000 common names), 71,000 synonyms, 28,000 photos, and 21,000 references.

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    The E-Quarium includes visitor information, online exhibits, online tickets and live cams.

    Aquatic Plant Central

    Aquarium plants community for aquarium plants enthusiasts. Aquatic plant forum and aquarium plant forums for all skill levels, large aquariums or small.

    Planet Catfish

    Includes a large image library, technical articles, and information.

    Cichlid Forum

    Features a discussion board, articles on a variety of topics, photo gallery, product and retailer reviews, and videos.


    1er Site francophone spécialisé en aquariophilie marine et récifale. Articles, forum, chat, fiches coraux, coralliculture, fiches poissons, petites annonces, boutures etc. Communauté forte de plus de 7000 membres.

    The Planted Tank

    Provides information on how to successfully keep a planted aquarium. Contains articles, videos, images and a message board.

    Marine Depot

    Hardware, food and additives as well as livestock and live rock/sand for aquariums.

    Acvaristica Pesti exotici si Plante de acvariu

    Acvaristica in Romania. Contine pesti exotici si plante de acvariu, galerie cu poze si imagini cu pesti de acvariu, acvarii construite de acvaristi si un forum de dicutii despre acvaristica. Se pot adauga si articole de acvaristica.

    Bulk Reef Supply

    Sells supplies and equipment for saltwater and reef aquariums, including food, testing supplies, filters, pumps and additives.

    Reef 2 Reef

    Discussion forum and reef community, also contains articles, spotlights, classifieds and gallery.

    Manhattan Reefs

    Online community for aquarium owners living in the New York City metropolitan area.

    Aquarium Advice

    Forums dedicated to a variety of topics.

    Tetra is the only brand name that's become synonymous with ornamental fish keeping, thanks to Dr. ... He founded Tetra Werke (Company) in Melle, Germany 50 years ago, and pioneered the development of flake fish foods. Tetra now manufactures hundreds


    A conservation society addressing deteration in the health of coastal seawaters, via promotion and education of marine issues.