Lebanon Top Sites for Philosophy


    A searchable index to works of both well-known and little-known philosophers on various philosophical topics throughout the web.


    A Dreamer s Guide - Dream Moods

    Dream Moods is a free online source in helping you interpret your dreams. Features dream dictonary, discussion forums and articles related to dreaming.


    The American Philosophical Association

    Delaware's largest and oldest University, both physically and on the net (since 1985). A four-year state institution, UDel's main campus is located in Newark, DE.


    The Fallacy Files

    Explains and gives examples of logical fallacies from the media and everyday life, with references to sources.



    Présentation des 12 signes du zodiaque et horoscope gratuit du jour ou de la semaine : prévisions en amour, travail, famille et argent.


    Philosophy Pages

    Aids to the study of philosophy, including study guide, dictionary, timeline, discussion of major philosophers, and links to e-texts.


    A Personal Tao

    A modern examination of Taoism. Offers a guide in self exploration and discovery through a combination of art, poetry and literature.


    فلسفه اخلاق

    فلسفه اخلاق - اخلاق کاربردی، روان شناسی اخلاق، اخلاق و دین، عصب پژوهی اخلاق و.....


    Devoir de philosophie

    Conçu pour les élèves de terminale désireux de progresser et de trouver une aide. Propose des corrigés de dissertations et de commentaires de texte philosophiques ainsi que des œuvres complètes commentées.



    Психологические, философские, религиозные, эзотерические и методологические тексты.


    La mécanique universelle

    Philosophie naïve se proposant d'étudier le devenir humain en s'aidant de différents philosophes.


    The Critical Thinking Community

    Providing a forum and resources about Socratic questioning, higher order thinking, and critical thinking. Organizer of conferences and publisher of books and academic resources for teachers.


    Welcome to Less Wrong

    Lesswrong:Homepage A source of edited rationality ... And a promoter of Welcome to Less Wrong In the past four decades, behavioral econom...


    Cognition and Xenodochy

    The philosophy of simple and mobile life including a synthesis of epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, general semantics, psychology, and motivation, with an explanation of the biological basis of prejudice.


    The Hedonistic Imperative

    Outlines how nanotechnology and genetic engineering will eradicate aversive experience in all sentient life - and why this is both instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.



    Riflessioni.it Dove il Web Riflette! Portale culturale nato nel 2000 dedicato ad ogni tipo di riflessione. Al sito fanno capo diverse rubriche curate da scrittori, giornalisti, docenti e ricercatori. Inoltre: forum, testi, enciclopedia, dizionario delle r


    St James Ethics Centre

    A fully independent not-for-profit organisation which provides a non-judgemental forum for the promotion and exploration of ethics.


    Utilitarianism Resources

    Classic utilitiarian texts; defending utilitarianism from its critics; its relation with collectivism and hedonism - and the ultimate aim of utilitarianism.