Lithuania Top Sites for Birds

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    Promotes conservation of birds and other wildlife through the protection and re-creation of habitats. News, history, programmes, membership, articles, nature reserves, conservation issues, and education.

    Nest Watch (Cornell)

    Bluebird bios, nesting requirements, data collection, and nestbox cams.

    The National Audubon Society

    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.


    Information about Eastern Bluebird conservation and education.

    All About Birds

    Comprehensive guide to North American birds and bird watching from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Includes Bird Guide with identification, life history, sound and video recordings of each bird, with additional 'Birds of North America' material available

    World Parrot Trust

    International charity for parrot conservation and welfare. Find photos and information on parrot care, training, welfare, and wild status with online encylopedia and reference library. Site includes parrot bloggers, Ask an Expert, discussion forum, and in

    Birds of Britain

    Monthly web magazine with articles written by some of the top ornithological writers in the country. Features articles, species accounts, list of local clubs, news, bird quiz, and list of reserves by county.

    The Owl Pages

    Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, and collectibles.

    Incredible Biki Bird

    Dedicated to her blue-streaked lory, Biki, with a sound album in .au format.

    Good Bird Inc.

    Information on parrot behavior and training. Downloadable magazines and articles, print books, videos, workshops, and consulting.

    Bird Forum

    Forums for discussion of birds, birding, and bird photography worldwide. Includes photo gallery and trip reports.

    British Garden Birds

    Photographs, descriptions to aid identification, and notes on the birds that visit a suburban garden in Sheffield, England.


    Find and identify any bird in North America with this parametric search engine.

    Клуб фанатов игры Angry Birds

    Русское сообщество мобильной игры Angry Birds (Злые Птицы) - форум, секреты и прохождения игры, золотые яйца, описания героев и сюжета, видео и кар

    406 Not Acceptable

    Here you can play high definition fullscreen mode Angry Birds Space online on your computer!


    Ask questions and get tips, advice, and information on care, health, feeding, and breeding.


    Pigeon Paradise is an online and offline broker of high quality pigeons.

    Pigeon Россия | Главная

    Pigeon-японские товары для детей, поддержка грудного вскармливания, все для купания детей, все для кормления детей

    Волнистые попугаи

    Статьи об этих прекрасных птицах. Консультации по лечению, кормлению и разведению.