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    Vilnius University

    Freedom of Thought and Diversity of Opinions are the Main Values of the University Community

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    W3 Schools

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    Social entrepreneurship company that partners with top universities around the world to offer free courses online for anyone to take. Includes courses and list of universities.


    Offers free language instruction where users translate documents and vote on the accuracy of those translations. Contains a description of how it works, a blog, and a study of the project's efficacy.


    Delivers online courses that cover many topics and interests. Fees vary.


    Moksleiviams skirta svetainė apie matematiką.

    Lots of training and support for Youth ... is a network of 8 Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field. It provides youth work and training r

    Edmodo is a private micro-blogging platform built for use by teachers and students. Traditional web 2.0 tools in a k-12 classroom environment create concerns over privacy. Edmodo has been built with the privacy of students in mind. Edmodo provides a way f


    Provides free online courses along with a range of certification options for a fee.

    The British Council

    Aims to connect people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK. Includes resources for teachers and students.

    Дети онлайн

    Раскраски, бабушкины сказки и колыбельные песни, басни и загадки для самых маленьких.