Lithuania Top Sites for Fish And Aquaria

    Клуб любителей воблеров. Каталог, обзоры моделей, отзывы рыболовов, интернет-магазин. Форум.

    Tropica Aquarium Plants

    Producer and distributor of aquarium plants, with information on their care. Based in Denmark.

    Aquatic Plant Central

    Aquarium plants community for aquarium plants enthusiasts. Aquatic plant forum and aquarium plant forums for all skill levels, large aquariums or small.

    The Planted Tank

    Provides information on how to successfully keep a planted aquarium. Contains articles, videos, images and a message board.

    Planet Catfish

    Includes a large image library, technical articles, and information.

    The Aquarium Wiki

    Tells how to care for many aquarium animals and plants, large and small, ranging from goldfish and guppies to sharks and arowanas.

    My Aquarium Club

    A group 'blog and blogging platform for aquarists.

    Aquarium Advice

    Forums dedicated to a variety of topics.

    AC Tropical Fish

    Features articles, forum, calculators, and a free freshwater aquarium E-book.

    Rate My Fish Tank

    Rating site that contains saltwater and freshwater fish tank pictures.

    Juwel Aquarium GmbH & Co. KG

    Hersteller von Aquaristikzubehör, insbesondere Aquarien und Abdeckungen. [D-27356 Rotenburg]

    Wet Web Media

    Articles on aquarium and pond set-up and maintenance, fish and invertebrate care, breeding, natural history, and taxonomy, photos, and information on starting an aquarium-related business.

    Aquatic Quotient Forum

    Contains discussion boards covering general fishkeeping, planted tanks, marine aquaria, cichlids, FAQ and health. Includes a chat room and photo galleries.

    Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish

    Huge tropical fish aquariums site, promoting responsible fishkeeping internationally since 1997. Over 1500 pages of fish/aquarium photos and info on all ornamental fish-keeping hobby aspects, plus an active discussion forum with thousands of members.

    Портал, посвящённый аквариумистике. Форум. Пользовательские блоги, статьи, магазин, фотогалереи.

    Русская рыбалка и рыболовы в Германии. Фотографии, форум, магазин.

    Seriously Fish

    A resource with tropical fish species profiles, articles and weblog posts, as well as an active community including a forum and club database.

    Natural Aquariums

    Rhonda Wilson shares her remarkable success in planted aquariums with natural sunlight.

    Tropical Fish Hobbyist

    Features an index of articles from recent years and a synopsis of the current issue.

    Reef Central Online Community

    Learn about reef aquarium setup and maintenance, and view coral and marine fish photos. Includes discussion board and chat.


    Offers basic care and breeding information. Also includes videos and photo gallery.

    Aquarium Database

    Aquarium guide with access to plant and fish database and forums.

    Georgia Aquarium

    The world’s largest aquarium with 8 million gallons of fresh and marine water, and more than 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the globe. Includes exhibit overviews, educational information, and conservation projects.

    Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

    The website of the UK s best-selling aquarium magazines covers all areas of fishkeeping is one of the world s largest aquarium websites.

    Рыбалка на видео

    Рыбалка на видео. Подборка видео о рыбалке. Рыбалка видео смотреть бесплатно и без регистрации.

    AquaScaping World

    Includes gallery, magazine, discussion forum, articles, photos, and plant, algae, fish and shrimp databases.

    Украинский рыболовный портал. Новости, законы, прогноз погоды. Рыболовный магазин. Форум.