Luxembourg Top Sites for Roleplaying

    League of Legends

    Official site. Features, media, screenshots, FAQs, and forums.

    Second Life

    Official website. Provides an online society within a 3D world, where users can explore, build, socialize and participate in their own economy.


    Jeu de rôles et d'aventures en ligne permettant aux participants d'incarner un Troll en quête d'aventures. Le jeu se déroule en tour-par-tour d'une durée de 12 heures durant lesquelles les joueurs peuvent faire agir leur Troll en dépensant jusqu'à 6


    Plemiona to przeglądarkowa gra online. Każdy gracz posiada małą wioskę, którą ma doprowadzić do władzy i chwały.


    Adult furry roleplaying community. Chat rooms, character profiles (including extensive kink lists) and galleries.


    Developer of online 3d multi-player web games.

    Ariane's Life in the Metaverse

    ArianeB's Life in the metaverse and guides to 3D virtual worlds, dating simulator, and the future of the internet.

    Clint : Urban-Rivals

    Clint : Urban Rivals is a free multiplayer online trading cards

    Fallen Sword

    Official site for the free to play mmo.

    Role Playing Tools

    Free computer aids for pen and paper role playing games. Provide an internet map sharing tool for players in different physical locations, and a dice expression tool. [Win/Mac OS/Linux]

    Guild Wars

    Publisher's official site for Guild Wars, with a broad range of information and material.

    Obsidian Portal

    Online campaign hosting and collaborative content database. Users can host a campaign weblog that ties in with tools for tracking NPCs, items, and other game content.

    Nexon America Inc.

    The home of MapleStory, Audition. Includes press releases, company and game information.


    Umfangreiche Seite mit Downloads, Galerien, Berichten, Links, Forum und Kleinanzeigen.

    Privateer Press

    Produces Witchfire Trilogy and the Iron Kingdoms settings, contains product listings and descriptions.

    RunTime DNA

    Community for 3d Models, Poser, and Poser related Products, moderated by artist Syyd Raven. Forums, tutorials, store and freebies. Home of anime-style original figure LaRoo.


    Das System Splittermond wird mit Welt und Entwicklerteam vorgestellt. Dazu gibt es ein Neuigkeiten, Downloads inklusive Kurzregeln und Skizzen.


    BGG.CON | | Announcements


    Track, message, and talk to your gaming friends, join them in games, find servers, and download patches. Xfire supports over 700 games including World of Warcraft, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2142.


    Онлайн игра, в которой тысячи игроков сосуществуют в большом мире и начинают игру предводителем деревни.

    Feder & Schwert GmbH

    Vertreibt deutsche Übersetzungen für Engel und Warhammer sowie Belletristik. Vorstellung des Verlags und seines Programms, Downloads, Links und ein Shop. [D-68309 Mannheim]