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    Marie Claire Taiwan 美麗佳人

    Marie Claire 美麗佳人,1937 年於法國巴黎創刊,全球每月超過二千三百萬人閱讀,橫跨五大洲 34 個國家,發行四百萬冊。從流行時尚到人文品味,從美容保養到生活靈感,為全球唯一連結女性議

    SheKnows: The web for women

    Thousands of features on topics like health, love & sex, weddings, home & money, parenting, pregnancy, diet & fitness, movies, music, TV and more.


    提供关于女性生活的时尚信息,包括生活的、容颜的、美丽的、品位的、艺文的、休闲的、居家的、 健康的时尚生活点滴元素。







    Cosmopolitan UK

    The UK online edition of the well-known women's magazine. Style news, shows, shopping information, trends, beauty tips, fashions and features.

    The UK's biggest parenting website with unique local information, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, recipes & friendly support when you need ...



    All Women's Talk

    Information concerning beauty, health and fitness, relationships and family life, fashion.

    De Mãe para Mãe

    Respostas, experiências, alegrias, dúvida e anseios com outras mães.

    Pregnant Chicken

    Pecking away at the myths of pregnancy while keeping it sunny side up., The Online Women's Magazine

    The women's lifestyle magazine to make you shine and smile. Awesome Beauty, Fashion, Dating and Sex Advice, Health and Fitness Tips to help you live like a Queen.

    Gynocentrism and its cultural origins

    Gynocentrism was invented in the Middle Ages (12th century) with the cultural practices of romantic chivalry and courtly love. This website provides an overview, definition and history of the concept.

    The secret to letting little kids cook by themselves: Mise en Place (meez-awn-plas). It cuts the disaster factor by half. 3 days ago Tomorrow on PW Cooks: Kid food! 4 days ago ... Your mama wasn't lying - the way to a man's heart IS through his

    A New Mode

    Online magazine with fashion, beauty, dating tips and lifestyle articles for women.

    Au féminin

    Détente et conseils pratiques : beauté, carrière, couple, cuisine, enfants et maternité.

    TOEIC多益 國際英語測驗

    TOEIC Test is an International English Test. The TOEIC Test has been used by many international organizations to evaluate the English standard of their staff. This website will provide information about the TOEIC Test, including introduction, benefits and






    女人知己社群網站,一個免費的專家諮詢平台,提供妳免費的專家諮詢,我們有: (1) 美容保養專家 (2) 時尚造型專家 (3) 流行彩妝專家 (4) 營養保健專家 (5) 星座命理專家 (6) 女性用品專家 (7) 兩性諮詢

    Hidden Hurt - Domestic Abuse Information and Support

    An online resources for survivors of domestic abuse, empowering them to come to terms with it; includes advice on abuse, its effects on victim and witnessing children, the cycle of violence, message forum, and a directory of helplines.