Malaysia Top Sites for Pets And Animals

    The Petition Site

    A petition creation site with an environmental focus. Petitions submitted are reviewed by staff for relevance and quality before being posted to the site. Precedence is given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    Nang Antap ~ CATS FM Radio Station

    CATS Radio changed its name to ‘CATS FM’ while maintaining its famous tagline ‘Just For You’. This reflects the diversity of its programs that cater to the Sarawak society with its own personal touch

    Online community for Arowana keepers. Articles, photos, message boards.

    ARKive : Images of Life on Earth

    An extensive collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species gathered into one centralised digital library.

    The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage... ... The aim of the SPCA is to protect defenseless animals and to alleviate their suffering. Established in 1958, the SPCA provides temporary shelter to unwanted animals in Selang


    A searchable database of animals that need homes. Directory of animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA and Canada. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available pet databases.


    PetMD is the largest global source of pet health information

    Cesars Way

    World-renowned dog behavior specialist, Cesar Millan, is known for his ability to rehabilitate canines from aggression, fear, territorial, and other extreme behavioral issues. Learn about his methods, success stories, and how you too can b...


    Contains articles that include choosing a dog, health, and grooming, as well as a dogfinder search and matchup, and chat. Registration required for full access to the site.

    American Kennel Club

    The AKC provides coverage on all accepted dog breeds, as well as information on registration, pedigrees, and dog shows. Provides area for kids, and contact information.

    2nd Chance

    A shelter for orphaned and non-releasable wildlife, supported by the Pet Health Center.



    Malaysia Breeder

    Small-scale breeder of hand-fed cockatiels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Information on the characteristics and keeping of the birds.

    Aquatic Quotient Forum

    Contains discussion boards covering general fishkeeping, planted tanks, marine aquaria, cichlids, FAQ and health. Includes a chat room and photo galleries.




    Networking community for cats that offers free web pages and diaries.

    Pedigree Database

    Open database supporting all dog breeds. Includes pedigrees, kennel information, classifieds and picture galleries.

    Animal Behavior College

    Offers web-based professional training courses, with details of curriculum and tuition fees.

    Home Page - delivers breaking news and analysis, comprehensive veterinary medical information, and trusted business advice for veterinarians and veterinary teams. This interactive resource offers powerful search, so you can find the solution...