Malaysia Top Sites for Social Sciences

    Desa Balqis Resort at Kuala Linggi, Malacca, Malaysia

    Desa Balqis Resort at Kuala Linggi, Melacca, Malaysia. Back To NatureA unique contemporary designed wooden houses against the norm of traditionl Malay houses. An ideal sanctuary for those who wanted a different yet meaningful gateway from their hustle a

    Social Science Research Network

    The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a multi-disciplinary online repository of scholarly research and related materials providing Tomorrow s Research Today. Authors can share and distribute their research on an interdisciplinary basis at multiple


    Bayyinah TV is a continually growing video collection of exclusive Qur’anic and Arabic video series

    blogr | Teroka Perspektif Terkini

    blogr adalah sebuah laman komuniti dan ping blog aggregator di dalam Bahasa Melayu khas buat blogger, terutamanya di Malaysia. is a website that teaches Japanese people about American culture, and likewise, Tofugu is a website that teaches non-Japanese about Japan’s culture and its language. So what makes us different from the Japanese blogging crowd? Well, for on

    Oulun yliopisto

    Oulun kaupungin ja Oulun yliopiston yhteinen kotisivu. Homepage of the City of Oulu and the University of Oulu.

    Take a personality test

    A library of personality tests for education and personal entertainment, with a focus on the strengths and weaknesses of various systems.


    Japanese translator and parser

    Tae Kim's Japanese guide to Japanese grammar

    Find everything you need to learn Japanese for free with comprehensive guides, tutorials, manga, and videos. Covers everything from Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji to grammar, vocabulary, and even slang.

    Daily podcasts that teach Japanese from beginning to advanced levels. Requires registration. Only some content is available free.

    Free Japanese Lessons

    Learn Japanese with free online Japanese lessons on Japanese grammar, Japanese verb conjugation, and Japanese sentence structure

    Liste des verbes irréguliers anglais

    Liste complète des verbes irréguliers en anglais. Listes réduites, méthodes et exercices pour connaître les verbes parfaitement !

    Test Yourself! Free high quality psychological tests at

    Take an IQ test, career test or personality test online now. Get serious answers for career assessment, intelligence and personality. Free, fast and accurate! Find out how smart you are, what you like to do, and what makes you happy with our free IQ tests

    شبكة أبو نواف

    موقع متخصص بالملتيميديا والترفيه كما يحتوي على اكبر محتوى لمجموعة بريدية

    Learn Japanese by playing games! Gain exp points, level up, and get ranked!

    The Economic Collapse

    Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?

    The Web Center for Social Research Methods

    Resources for applied social research and evaluation including a complete online research methods text, course resources, and researcher tools.

    The Japanese Language Society of Malaysia - Home

    JLPT July 2014 result is out. View result by clicking JLPT header above. JLPT December 2014 Registration will start on 1st September to 14th September 2014. Kindly click on the JLPT header to...

    Swearing -

    Swearing is fun! Learn how to Swear in any language. Pick a language or search for swear words by phrase!



    The Personality Page

    Take the Personality Questionnaire and discover your four-letter type. Learn how type affects your career, relationships, and personal growth.

    Economics Online

    A digital resource for students of economics.

    The blog is funded through ads and, of course, donations (hint.) [email protected]

    Chinese Characters and Culture

    Chinese language and culture site with literature from Lao Zi to the present day. Individual Chinese characters linked to English translation.


    Podcasts to learn Mandarin. Includes a list of popular words, and guides to grammar and pronunciation.

    Six Seconds EQ Network

    A nonprofit organization supporting EQ in schools, businesses, and families around the world. Training, resources, articles, and conferences on practical applications of emotional intelligence.

    Is It Normal?

    Ever ask yourself whether something in your life is normal or not? Well now you can find out at

    Japanese Verb Conjugator

    Provides a conjugation table for the dictionary form of Japanese verbs. Includes a list of basic verbs.

    Message boards and reference information on the language, plus a dictionary.

    101 Languages

    Translate English phrases into many different languages, and courses in various topics.


    [Win] Software developed by Thomas Muhr for grounded theory, anthropology and sociological studies.