Maldives Top Sites for Religion And Spirituality

    Al Qur'an Al Kareem

    The Noble Qur'an in many languages in an easy-to-use interface.

    Islam Q and A

    Offers insight into Muslim belief and practice through questions, with answers supervised by Shaykh Muhammad Saalih al-Munajjid.


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    Islamic Finder

    Given a location, the site provides local prayer times and a list of masjids, Islamic centers and organizations, and Islamic-owned businesses nearby.


    A collection of dua'a (prayers of supplication) for use in a range of situations; includes some in PDF format, mp3s, Arabic text, and English. Also includes information on Salaat (daily prayers) and Ramadhan.

    Daily or weekly readings, romance horoscopes, birthday readings, tarot card sites.

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    Muslim Names and Meanings

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    Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) in several languages


    Site which serves as a resource for anyone wanting to learn about Islam, whether you are a non Muslim or a Muslim. Includes a large collection of online books and multimedia resources.

    Islam Awareness

    A collection of essays on Islamic belief, religious practice, culture, and social issues; brief country profiles and commentary on current affairs. Also offers a FAQ page. is a humble effort to provide services for the Muslim community world wide. ... is a new venture part of the Muslim ... More details on will be updated here shortly.

    Islamic Online University

    Free online Islamic education, degree and diploma: Earn your accredited BAIS Degree or IS Diploma in Islamic studies – tuition free – today.

    Islamic Arts Magazine

    Islamic Arts Magazine is an International Visual Arts e-Magazine about Islamic Art from traditional forms to contemporary approach.

    Search Truth

    Read, Listen, and Search the Quran in Arabic, English, Urdu and many other translations and transliteration. Hadith collection for reading and searching. FREE Islamic softwares for Ms Windows and Mobile Phones.

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    Productive Muslim - Towards a Productive Ummah!

    A website dedicated to Islam and Productivity. Our vision is to revive Productivity in our Ummah through lessons extracted from the Quran, Seerah, history of the Islamic Civilization, and in collating tips and tools to equip you with a productive lifestyl

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    A substantial collection of articles and resources on Muslim belief and practice. Includes an archive of fatwas, and reflections on the Hadith. In Arabic and English

    دار الإفتاء المصرية

    إن دار الإفتاء المصرية منذ إنشائها عام 1895م/ 1313هـ وهي تقف شامخةً في طليعة المؤسسات الإسلامية التي تتحدث بلسان الدين الحنيف وترفع لواء البحث ا

    A group weblog of discourses on the intellectual traditions, political situation, and social ethics of Muslim life.

    The Religion of Islam

    A collection of articles on Muslim belief and practice. Includes sections on becoming a Muslim and current issues.


    Horoscopes, Tarot, IChing, Numerology and Feng Shui reports and readings.

    New Muslims eLearning Site

    This web site is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims.  It contains a lot of brief, yet informative lessons about different aspects of Islam.  New lessons are added every week.  Also, it features Live Help t

    Sanofi Deutschland - Das Wichtigste ist die Gesundheit!

    Willkommen auf der Homepage von sanofi-aventis in Deutschland: Hier finden Sie Nachrichten und umfassende Informationen über das Unternehmen, sein gesellschaftliches Engagement, Karrieremöglichkeiten, Gesundheit und Gesundheitsvorsorge, Aufklärung übe