Mauritius Top Sites for History


    A glimpse of South Asia before 1947, includes: a 90-slide show by Jonathon Kenoyer; photos; maps; and a detailed description of the Indus Civilization.

    Jours d'histoire

    Approche didactique de l'histoire. Volets thématiques avec fiches détaillées sur des personnages ou des événements. Editoriaux et ressources pédagogiques.

    The History Place

    Informative website focussing on American history from the Colonial period to present-day. Many on-line exhibits include timelines, photographs and famous speeches.

    La France pittoresque

    Coutumes, traditions, légendes, métiers, personnages, lieux pittoresques, faune et flore de la France d autrefois. Annuaires thématiques.

    Colonial and Revolutionary war history. Includes information on historic sites and people.

    EyeWitness to History

    Profiles of historical characters and events from ancient times to today, told with the images and words of those who lived it.

    A multimedia history of World War One including the build-up, source documents, timeline, maps, battlefields and battles, weaponry, who's who, memoirs, and vintage audio, video and photographs.

    The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

    Promotes the study and love of American history. Their website serves as a portal for American history on the Web; offers educational material for teachers, students, historians, and the public; and provides current information about the Institute's progr

    The Victorian Web

    Scholarly resources on a wide range of Victorian topics: political and social history, philosophy, literature, individual authors, visual arts, science, technology, religion, entertainment, and economy. Developed by George P. Landow at Brown University.


    African Holocaust is a production company, which recognises the essential role of media in conscious education. Independent media has the potential of reshape and healing the systematic historical misrepresentation of African people and their culture and

    Terra Nova

    Encyclopédie ludo éducative du monde animal de la préhistoire à aujourd'hui. Enigmes de notre histoire.

    A Resource on History, Military History, Politics, and Biography

    History Timelines

    Visit this site for History Timelines of famous people, places and events. Fast facts and information for students, children & kids via the history timelines. History and Timelines provide a record of events in the order of their occurrence.

    Society for Creative Anachronism

    An international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history. Includes information about membership, kingdoms, events, heraldry, customs, chivalry, news and related resources.

    Association Thucydide - Conception

    Les historiens au service des médias et de l'information. Des réalisations en Histoire pour comprendre l'Actualité. L'Internet culturel et pédagogique pour les enseignants et les lycéens.

    L'Histoire par l'image

    La période 1789-1939 à travers les oeuvres d'art et les documents iconographiques. Recherche thématique, chronologique ou détaillée, et forum d'échange.

    Tudor England Tudor monarchs and their contemporaries Queen Elizabeth I Henry VIII six wives of Henry VIII Anne Boleyn Mary queen of Scots Lady Jane Grey John Keats 1795-1821 English Romantic poet Fanny Brawne portraits manuscriptspoetry letters Lord Byr


    Magazine de vulgarisation historique. Sélection d'articles, agenda et liens thématiques.


    Article and photographs on ancient sites, cities, and civilizations (Greece, Rome, Carthage, Persia, Egypt, Anatolia...).

    Constitution Society

    Comprehensive collection of constitutional materials, including books, articles, and tools.



    History World

    HistoryWorld describes world history in interconnecting narratives and illustrated timelines. You can search for events by theme, place and year.

    Great War 1914-1918

    In depth battle studies using translated material from both German and allied official documents.

    Nova Roma

    Organization dedicated to the study and restoration of the ancient culture.

    Santa Clara Valley Historical Association

    The Santa Clara Valley Historical Association (SCVHA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to research and record the world-impacting individuals and technologies that are part of the Silicon Valley phenomenon. The SCVHA publishes books and produces

    Axis History

    Welcome to AHF! Axis History is an apolitical site and forum dedicated to the history of the European Axis nations during the Second World War.  Here