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    Parents Magazine includes message boards covering pregnancy, children, health, safety, food and parenting related topics.


    Information and advice on pregnancy, birth and childcare from baby to toddler. Includes buying guides and an online community.

    Search names and meanings. Includes naming tips and lists, with origins.


    Сообщество мам: дневники беременности и развития детей. Доска объявлений. Отзывы о роддомах. Календарь развития ребенка. Фотоконкурсы. Кон

    Раннее развитие детей

    Обзор методик раннего развития. Пособия и идеи для занятий, игры. Консультация психолога и педиатра.

    Great Au Pair

    GreatAupair is the world's largest, most-trusted source for Au Pairs, Nannies, Babysitters, Pet Sitters, Personal Assistants, Tutors and Senior Care Providers with instant access to thousands of jobs worldwide.

    Ask Baby

    Get written answers and free advice, recommendations, surveys, independent information, answers to all your baby questions and needs


    Социальная сеть для будущих и настоящих мам.

    I Like It Frantic

    All about my frantic life with a husband and two kids, a full time job and being a full time student. Also found are reviews of various products and giveaways to help promote those companies I believe in and use.

    Random Name Generator

    A simple name generator tool that can be useful for fiction writers when creating characters.

    Тайна имени

    Подробная характеристика имен. Значение фамилий, отчеств. Немного нумерологии. Роль имени в жизни человека. Биографии знаменитых людей ист

    At BabyCenter India, we're dedicated to helping new, expectant and "actively trying" parents to find the information, support and reassurance they need. We want to be your most trusted parenting resource - that's why we offer practical advice fr

    Лиза. Мой ребенок

    Журнал для молодых родителей. Информация об уходе за новорожденными, о воспитании и развитии ребенка.

    Please see below for video specs, including Babble video pre-roll. ... Custom Video Units • If Babble is hosting the video please send it in Quicktime format. Non-QuickTime videos may require more lead time. • No file size limit or specific dimensions

    Сайт о развитии детей У Совенка

    статьи по развитию детей всех возрастов, статьи про лучшие игры и игрушки для разных возрастов, уникальные сказки, материалы и методики по

    The Harried Mom

    Finding the fun and funny in everyday life and writing about it as a mom, wife, friend and career gal, but not necessarily in that order!

    Family Education

    Educational ideas for teachers, parents and providers. There is a vast amount of information and resources to help teachers, parents and day care providers.


    Портал о детях и родителях Приморского края и Владивостока. Новости, информация, справки, консультации, конкурсы, форум.

    Online version of Working Mother magazine which covers work and life issues important to career-committed mothers.

    Календарь беременности

    Информационный сайт посвященный беременным женщинам. Новости и публикации. Беременность неделя за неделей. Вопросы врачу. Счетчик схваток

    9 месяцев

    Электронная версия журнала, освещающего различные аспекты жизни будущей мамы. Сведения о подписке. Тематический архив публикаций и писем


    Pampers parenting institute. All about pampers and parenting. Includes email list and other resources online.

    Детский сайт - Главная страница

    KINDER1.NET сайт рассчитанный на детскую аудиторию. Здесь: мультфильмы, сказки, головоломки, пазлы, раскраски, игры... и все это для детей

    Ваш детский психолог

    Блог для родителей о детях. Вы найдете полезные и интересные статьи по детской психологии, советы по воспитанию и обучению детей, психологи

    You're a mom AND a woman. We get it! Find real-world parenting advice, fashion & beauty inspiration and great conversation with moms like you.


    Your source for parenting tips and relationship advice to inspire you to love your family well. Free printables, family fun and pillow talk questions too!


    Информация о беременности, родах, воспитании. Красота и здоровье. Детский досуг. Обзоры медицинских центров, роддомов, детских садов в горо

    Baby Names Country

    Offers lists of names categorized alphabetically or by origin, gender, and popularity. The site also provides an online tool for baby name selection.

    A directory of freebies, samples and contests just for new and expecting parents.

    Think Baby Names

    Baby names with pronunciation, meaning, and statistic charts for each name.

    There is an amazing amount of information and resources covering virtually every aspect of parenting and pregnancy online-- unfortunately, most of it tends to be under-whelmingly NOT fun and all the people in the photographs look so happy and put together


    my family life and parenting blog with lots of reviews and competitions and fun family days out

    A network of regional websites for and by moms.