Montserrat Top Sites for Chats And Forums

    Ubuntu Forums

    Official help and support forums for Ubuntu. was created in December 2006 by the Editors of to provide a Jeep Wiki to Jeepers worldwide. This website is 100% community built and everyone is welcome to edit and add information so long as it's factual and unbiased. Infor

    EDAboard Electronics Forum

    International discussion forum on EDA, circuits, electronics design, service manuals and related subjects.

    Honda-Tech The unofficial Honda and Acura Technical Resource Site


    Hosting travel blogs, photos and videos from around the world, home to an enthusiastic community of travel bloggers..

    DIY Repair and Home Improvement Forums

    A community of homeowners and contractors sharing knowledge on painting, construction, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, flooring, and landscaping.

    Online Conversion

    Offers conversion tools for length, volume, temperature, astronomical, clothing sizes, computer bytes, cooking measurements, time zones, density, energy, finance, flow rates, force frequency, and some fun pages.