Nepal Top Sites for Addictions

    HAMS explicitly rejects the notion that excessive drinking or drug use is a disease. HAMS believes that people use drugs or alcohol as a matter of personal choice, and HAMS is all about empowering people to use alcohol or drugs in a safe and sane manner.


    Information about marijuana and psychedelic drugs including cannabis photos, cannabis cultivation techniques, drug testing information, psychedelic art, and articles from the magazine.


    Worldwide Narconon drug rehab centers & prevention programs eliminating substance abuse through effective drug education & addiction treatment. Drug-free program including sauna detox, vitamins, proper nutrition & a series of life skill courses to overcom

    Drug Facts For Young People

    Drug Facts for Young People should be read with children up to age 14. It focuses on making young people aware of their own values, the influences of their peers and role models, and encourages them to make a positive choice regarding drugs and alcohol. h

    Gateway Foundation

    Providing outpatient and residential services, with details of facilities, programs and staff. Includes testimonials and FAQ. Chicago.

    De-Addiction Centres

    De-Addiction Centres exists to help people from all over India find relief and treatment for their addictions. The directory of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres is a community effort and includes centres from almost every state in India. The blog s

    Area a Pert A

    AreaAperta - sperimentazione PHP, tecnologia, Linux, retrogames, e pensieri sparsi

    How to Grow Your Own Marijuana | Grow Weed Easy is a free online educational resource that aims to show anyone how to grow their own marijuana in a clear, concise way. With many states legalizing marijuana for medical use, there are now people who are legally able to grow cannabis, but

    Informationsportal zu legalen und illegalen Drogen bzw. Suchtmitteln.

    The Watershed

    Drug Rehab and Alcoholism treatment- The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs Official Website.

    UK Cannabis Internet Activists

    Watchdog on politics, effects and history of cannabis, industrial uses, research and events. Provides suggestions on individual involvement as well as a directory.