Pakistan Top Sites for Birds


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    All About Birds

    Comprehensive guide to North American birds and bird watching from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Includes Bird Guide with identification, life history, sound and video recordings of each bird, with additional 'Birds of North America' material available

    Breeder located in southern California. Article topics include breeding, hand feeding, pet qualities. Pictures and forum.

    Cockatiel Cottage

    Photographs and information about many topics, including basic care, health, diet, behavior, breeding, and household hazards. Also has a bibliography and message board.

    Xeno Canto

    The world's largest community website on birdsong, with over 37,000 recordings of 6,000+ species.

    North American Cockatiel Society

    An international non-profit organization dedicated to the education of pet cockatiel owners and breeders. Care tips, genetics and mutations, chat board and FAQ.

    Talk Budgies

    A website for budgie (parakeet) owners and enthusiasts to talk about budgies. Includes interactive forums, a gallery, and budgie journals.

    World Parrot Trust

    International charity for parrot conservation and welfare. Find photos and information on parrot care, training, welfare, and wild status with online encylopedia and reference library. Site includes parrot bloggers, Ask an Expert, discussion forum, and in

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    The National Audubon Society

    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.


    Species profiles and articles on toy making, diseases, nutrition, and breeding. Also offers classified advertising and forums.

    An aviary listing service to assist in locating available birds. With picture gallery, forum, and veterinarian search.

    BirdLife International

    BirdLife International is a global alliance of conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries which, together, are the leading authority on the status of birds, their habitats and the issues and problems affecting them.

    Bird Well Ness

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    World birding news, identification and bird finding articles, photographs, sketches, and trip reports.

    Bird Studies Canada

    Dedicated to the study and conservation of wild birds in Canada and elsewhere. Details on all BSC programs including the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network, Project FeederWatch, the Important Bird Areas Program, Long Point Bird Observatory, Canadian La

    Birds Online

    Sehr umfangreiche Wellensittich-Seite, mit Infos über Haltung, Ernährung, Gesundheit, Zucht und Unterbringung. Interessant ist auch die Statistik der Wellensittich-Namen. Some chapters are available in English.

    Parrots Canada

    Information for new owners and those considering a purchase. Also has information on types of birds, tips for breeders, pictures, services, and birds for sale.

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    Promotes conservation of birds and other wildlife through the protection and re-creation of habitats. News, history, programmes, membership, articles, nature reserves, conservation issues, and education.


    Ask questions and get tips, advice, and information on care, health, feeding, and breeding.


    Information about cockatiels, their health and diet, with photos of babies along with training and taming tips. Also offers chat.

    Information on species, breeding, taming, talking, and health.


    Geared toward smaller birds. Includes articles on avian health, nutrition, toxins, and dangerous toy alerts.


    Articles on care, purchasing, cages, and diet. Also has information on breeding, incubation, and handfeeding.

    A directory of birding links for the UK and Ireland, and much, much more.

    Finch Information Center

    Information on housing, nutrition, health and breeding from a keeper and breeder of zebra, society and lady gouldian finches.


    Dedicato all'ornitologia, contiene informazioni su classificazione delle specie, ornicoltura, birdwatching, notizie e novità.