Pakistan Top Sites for Instruments And Supplies


    Used lab equipment pricing and products archive with over 100,000 scientific equipment listings. The first place to look for new and used scientific products!

    Offers compound and stereo microscopes, cameras, and accessories.

    The Lab Depot, Inc.

    Chemicals, glassware, plasticware, chemistry products, pH equipment, balances, scales. Sales to companies and individuals.

    Welcome to Medicom Group

    Medicom Group has been established in 2006 with the concept of providing its clients the best quality services expressed in supplying the range of products for Can Measuring & Testing, Engineering Education, Research & Development and General Laboratory c

    Kats Scientific

    Selling Scientific and Lab products at affordable prices.


    Offers new, used, surplus and refurbished equipment, as well as rental and repair services.

    LI-COR Biosciences

    Electronic instrumentation for environmental, agricultural and ecological research. Products include photosynthesis and fluorescence measurement systems, gas analyzers, spectroradiometers and weather stations.

    Appleton Woods Ltd

    Supplies a wide range of laboratory equipment and consumables to life sciences laboratories.

    Molecular Devices

    Cell and plate washers and dispensers, bioanalytical measurement systems, cell harvesters, supernatant collection system.

    Velp Scientifica

    [Usmate, MI] Sviluppa strumenti da laboratorio per università, centri di ricerca, laboratori. Presenta l'azienda, i prodotti, i contatti.


    Manufacturer of life sciences research instruments for molecular diagnostics. Provides technical information about the technology.

    Roga Instruments

    Offers data loggers and sensors for vibration measurement, process automation, sound analysis, vibration analysis, control applications and engine control.


    Manufacturer of novel and staple research reagents for scientists worldwide: antibodies, ELISA sets, and TrueBlot, a novel WB/IP product.

    AccuTek Laboratories

    Worldwide distributor of pipettes also providing a pipette calibration and repair service.

    Online retailer offering pre-configured and custom-configured compound, stereo, and digital microscopes, educational and student microscopes, parts, accessories and other laboratory equipment.

    USA Scientific

    Laboratory products source for molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, biotechnology, radiation safety, drug discovery, and high throughput screening.

    History of the - Its all about microscope history

    A complete microscope history. The history of the microscope begins with Zacharias Jansen's invention of the first light microscope in the 1590's. Anton van Leeuwenhoek later made significant improvements to the compound microscope

    Ladd Research Industries

    Supplies and accessories for light and electron microscopy and an electronic version of Ladd Research Blue Book of Microscopy.

    Swiss Instruments Ltd

    Canadian distributor for Lista Metal Storage cabinets, shelving and workbenches, precision metrology equipment and precision industrial machinery.

    HTC Instruments

    HTC Instrument; Exporter of all type of testing instrument, thermometer instrument, multimeter, low fare multimeter in india, India top quality testing instrument manufacturers, manufacturer of multimeter, manufacturer of Clamp meter, manufacturer of infr


    Комплексное оснащение лабораторий предприятий различных областей промышленности. Химические реактивы, строительная химия, посуда, хрома

    Thermo Scientific: zuverlässiger Partner in Labor und Praxis

    Unter dem Markennamen Thermo Scientific bietet das Unternehmen Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (NYSE:TMO) zur Beschleunigung des wissenschaftlichen Fortschritts und zur Bewältigung analytischer Herausforderungen Analyse- und Laborgeräte, Softwareprogramm

    Great Scopes Microscopes

    Compound and stereo light microscopes as well as an informative microscope buyer s and free online science labs. Microscopes available for the novice to professional.