Portugal Top Sites for Philosophy


    Web site voltado para a divulgação de material filosófico, contendo artigos acadêmicos e críticas feitas a publicações da área.



    A searchable index to works of both well-known and little-known philosophers on various philosophical topics throughout the web.



    Portal de Filosofia em português, textos introdutórios sobre filosofia, artigos acadêmicos e biblioteca de filosofia, testes de filosofia, guia de links de filosofia, fórum, imagens de filósofos e muito mais


    Filosofia Clinica

    Biblioteca Virtual Biografia de Filósofos História da Filosofia Laifis de Filosofia


    Sapientiam Autem Non Vincit Malitia

    Information about the life, works, and ideas of the Brazilian philosopher, Olavo de Carvalho, including translations of articles and pieces of his main books.


    La filosofía en el Bachillerato

    Teorías de autores de la historia de la filosofía con textos y ejercicios enfocado para estudiantes de enseñanzas medias. Incluye secciones sobre cómo estudiar.


    LUSOSOFIA - Biblioteca Online de Filosofia e Cultura

    LusoSofia - Biblioteca Online de Filosofia e Cultura do Instituto de Filosofia Prática (IFP), do Laboratório de Comunicação e Conteúdos Online (LabCom) Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI).



    Promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, and works for the intellectual and social achievement of society.


    Philosophy Experiments

    Interactive philosophy tests and activities designed to tell you what you don't want to know about yourself.


    A Dreamer s Guide - Dream Moods

    Dream Moods is a free online source in helping you interpret your dreams. Features dream dictonary, discussion forums and articles related to dreaming.


    The Proceedings of the Friesian School

    An electronic journal of philosophy, promoting the principles and the further development of the Critical Philosophy of Kant and the Friesian School.


    301 Moved Permanently

    David Chalmers I am a philosopher at the Australian National University and New York University. Officially I am Distinguished Profes...


    Mundo dos Filósofos

    Pensadores, buscas, livros, enquetes e colunas de professores e filósofos.


    Welcome to Less Wrong

    Lesswrong:Homepage A source of edited rationality ... And a promoter of Welcome to Less Wrong In the past four decades, behavioral econom...


    Philosophy Documentation Center

    A non-profit organization that produces and distributes a variety of high-quality publications, including philosophical directories, bibliographies, scholarly journals, and instructional software for philosophers.


    TORRE DE BABEL EDICIONES - Filosofa - Psicologa - Enseanza

    Filosofía, Psicología y Humanidades. Filosofía y psicología en español. Escuelas filosóficas, pensadores, biografías, resúmenes, enlaces, vocabulario y ejercicios, legislación. Foro telemático sobre Ortega y Gasset.


    Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space | Wave Structure of Matter

    The most simple scientific description of reality, founded on One thing, Space, existing as a Wave Medium. Matter exists as the spherical wave motion of Space, with wave-centers causing matter s particle effects, wave motion (matter s activity) causing ti


    Devoir de philosophie

    Conçu pour les élèves de terminale désireux de progresser et de trouver une aide. Propose des corrigés de dissertations et de commentaires de texte philosophiques ainsi que des œuvres complètes commentées.


    Atlas Society

    Members share their interests in Rand's stories.


    The Philosophers Magazine

    A brief introduction to philosophy and philosophers with an overview of history of philosophy from the ancient times to the 21st century.


    Radical Philosophy

    It was founded in 1972 in response to the widely felt discontent with the sterility of academic philosophy at the time (in Britain completely dominated by the narrowest sort of "ordinary language" philosophy), with the purpose of providing a forum for the


    The Critical Thinking Community

    Providing a forum and resources about Socratic questioning, higher order thinking, and critical thinking. Organizer of conferences and publisher of books and academic resources for teachers.


    Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy

    Presenting the philosophy of Epicurus, including classical Epicurean texts, history, and information about books, web pages, and e-mail lists devoted to Epicureanism.


    Ayn Rand Institute

    Institute seeking to promote the philosophy of Objectivism via educational and cultural programs. Online interviews, newsletters, lectures, and a way to search Rand's writings by topic. Also includes information about events, courses, and Ayn Rand.


    philosophy bites

    podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics...


    British Humanist Association

    Watchdog and lobby organisation with interest in the full range of issues with ethical implications. It aims to support and represent people who seek to live good and responsible lives without religious beliefs. News, publications, contact and briefings o


    Trump Initiative

    Donald Trump's Experts Teach Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Wealth Creation At Trump's Top Ranked Business University


    Ghiraldelli, Paulo , Jr.

    Professor at the Universidade Estadual do Mato Grosso, Brazil, who specializes in pragmatism, social philosophy and theories of truth. In English and Portuguese.


    davidhume.org - Texts

    A permanent online resource for Hume scholars and students, including reliable texts of almost everything written by David Hume, and links to secondary material on the web.


    Online Philosophy Club

    The Online Philosophy Club is a great website about philosophy. It is very informative. It contains many articles about various philosophical topics. It also contains forums for users to ask questions and discuss philosophy.