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    Mountain Project

    Beyond the Guidebook: The Definitive Climbing Resource

    The central source of information for rock climbing and mountaineering in the UK. The most popular climbing discussion forums in the world. Searchable crag/gym/shop/club databases. Photo Galleries. News, Events & Articles.

    Climbing Magazine

    News. Information about the current issue. Subscription information. Back issues for sale. Tech tips. Photos. Letters to the editor.

    Rock & Ice Magazine

    News. Articles. Table of contents for current paper issue. Back issues for sale. Question and answer forum. Some online guides.

    Route, mountain, and area information for mountains around the world. Photos.


    Supplier of caving technical equipment and headlamps. Detailed product listings, technical advice, worldwide supplier contacts.

    Comunitatea romana de alpinism si escalada, locul in care gasesti toate informatiile despre tot ce se catara in romania.

    Jocuri cu cai pentru copii

    Caii sunt niste animale foarte indragite de oameni. Din acest motiv au aparut aceste jocuri cu cai, pentru cei care nu pot detine unul in realitate.

    News. Competition results. World rankings for top climbers plus keep your own score. Articles. Training information. Interviews.


    Manufacturer of ice gear and helmets. Italy.


    News, articles, competition results. Gear reviews and test results. Information on climbing in the Dolomites, Italy. (English and Italian)

    Cai de Vis

    Ne place intimitatea la fel de mult cum ne place să umblăm hai hui prin natură. De aceea, la moșia noastră găsești doar patru camere luminoase și frumoase, cu nume de anotimpuri că așa îi șade bine omului care le-a trăit pe toate: Primăvara,

    JOCURI CU CAI contine cele mai multe jocuri cu cai si multe alte jocuri cu cai pentru copii. Toate aceste jocuri cu cai nu necesita instalare.

    The Blog on is home for Alan’s expedition dispatches, coverage of the Everest seasons plus news on climbing, Alzheimer’s and more. The main website has climb reports, gear lists, videos and picture galleries. The menu in the upper left

    Pailheiret, Gérard

    Guide de haute montagne propose des activités de cascade de glace, de ski et d'alpinisme dans le Briançonnais.

    Peak Freak Expeditions

    Climb Everest ' trekker base camp stay Everest Training climb with Tim Rippel


    Provides equipment and supplies such as protection, belay devices, biners, bolts, harnesses, aid and home gym gear, and ropes. USA.

    Alpine Ascents International

    Mountaineering instruction and guided expeditions to the seven summits. Operates internationally. (Seattle, Washington)

    British Mountaineering Council

    Working for climbers, hill walkers and mountaineers in England and Wales. Features news, events, area updates, membership information and travel insurance.

    News and expedition dispatches from Everest. Discussion forums. Information on the 8000m peaks and the Seven Summits.

    Gecko Climb › HOME

    Sala escalada Oradea, cea mai noua sala escalada si bouldering in orasul tau! Aboneaza-te acum la o sala de catarat profesionala

    Reinhold Messner

    Die offizielle Seite des Extrem-Bergsteigers. Es wird über de Bücher, Vorträge und der Expeditionen berichtet.

    Indoor Climbing

    Topics for climbing training ranging from exercise to nutrition. Home climbing wall construction information. A list of climbing gyms world-wide. The Cyberclimber climbing game.

    I Love Climbing

    I Love Climbing helps climbers around the world to share their passion, discover new spots and make new friends in an inspiring way

    UK Bouldering

    Find photos, videos, reviews, articles, and information on the activity in Meschia, Italy and Wharncliffe, England. - beastmaker

    Beastmaker is a UK company who specialise in wooden training equipment for climbers. Our products include Fingerboards, Holds and T-Shirts.


    Discussion forum. Basic information about Canadian climbing areas, gyms, and gear shops. Subscription information. Table of contents for the current issue. Some online articles. (Canadian magazine)

    Evening Sends - Go Everywhere. Climb Everything.

    Evening Sends is a website by Andrew Bisharat that discusses and explores the sport of rock climbing, its people and places through writing, essays, video, photos and multimedia. Tuesday Night Bouldering. Weekend Whip. Training for climbing...


    Includes details on featured climbs, photos, access notes, and routes listed with heights and grades. Also offers technical articles. (Victoria)

    Cai de Vanzare - Cea mai mare bursa de cai!

    Cel mai mare site cu cai de vanzare si cumparare! Aici se vand cai pentru monta, echitatie sau calarie, tractiune ori alte munci agricole. Descopera cea mai variata oferta de anunturi, poti publica si tu unul Gratuit!

    Alpine Guides

    Rock and ice climbing, private guiding and ski mountaineering in France, Italy and Switzerland. Also Scottish winter climbing courses and mountaineering expeditions to the greater ranges. (West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)