Rwanda Top Sites for Animal Products And Service

    Animal Corner

    Animal facts and information about animals including pets, wildlife, rainforests, farm animals, Galapagos Wildlife, Marine Animals, Venomous and endangered animals, also animal pictures and animal games.

    Home Page - delivers breaking news and analysis, comprehensive veterinary medical information, and trusted business advice for veterinarians and veterinary teams. This interactive resource offers powerful search, so you can find the solution...

    NAVC Clinician's Brief

    Official publication of the North American Veterinary Conference. Provides veterinary professionals with the latest information.

    Truth About Pet Food provides pet owners with the latest information regarding dog food, cat food, and pet treats. The site provides a free newsletter and hosts an online pet product review publication Petsumer Report.

    Mercy For Animals

    MFA is a non-profit animal advocacy organization based in Chicago and dedicated to ending the exploitation and abuse of animals.

    Veterinary World

    International journal which aims to disseminate scientific knowledge related to veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and allied sciences. Provides information on submitting manuscripts, subscriptions and advertising.

    Centre vétérinaire DMV

    Services spécialisés. Informations générales, urgence, spécialités, chroniques, localisation et visite, journal, actionnaires, fondation.

    Companion Animal Parasite Council

    Independent organization established to create guidelines for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets.