Rwanda Top Sites for Architecture

    ArchDaily was founded in March 2008 with the one mission of delivering the most complete information to architects around the world; every week, every day, every hour, every moment: as soon as it is happening. It is the online source of continuous informa - Design & Art Environment was founded in early April 2012 as a new website focused as a virtual dynamic environment where we review and critique architecture, urbanism, art, and design. Our selection of architectural projects insists on intelligently implemented solutio


    Architecture, Architects, Landscape, Interior Design, Sustainability, Events, News

    The Architect's Newspaper

    Covers New York architecture and design. Information on the latest projects, unfolding politics, current events and cultural developments related to architecture.

    Castles of the World

    Extensive collection of castles, palaces, fortresses and monasteries. Organized with search engine, maps, descriptions, photos and a directory.


    The first project of ArchiTeam is ArchiTravel, a web 'Architectural City Guide'. Through texts, pictures and maps, the most significant architectural buildings will be described, and there will be recommended "architectural journeys". Parallel to this, me

    Freshome . com is an online magazine about modern design, architecture. art, style, creativity and everything that makes life less ordinary


    An architectural platform collecting, linking and editing internet information on the design professions in the Netherlands. [in English and Dutch]

    The Municipal Art Society of New York

    Non-profit organization for excellence in urban design and planning. Offers public programs, including panel discussions, lectures and courses, at the Urban Center, and exhibitions on issues affecting the city.

    Quick biog I try to focus this weblog on what information designers and information architects could learn from the way cities and buildings work, with particular reference points around adaptive design, architecture, interaction design, the user experien