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    حمام الامارات

    موقع حمام الامارات موقع يهتم بالطيور والحيوانات الاليفه ، طيور الزينة ، والطيور والحيوانات بجميع انواعها الاغنام والمواشي والخيول

    Birds Now

    Helping people buy and sell birds online, in the United States and Canada.

    Birds Online

    Sehr umfangreiche Wellensittich-Seite, mit Infos über Haltung, Ernährung, Gesundheit, Zucht und Unterbringung. Interessant ist auch die Statistik der Wellensittich-Namen. Some chapters are available in English.


    Ask questions and get tips, advice, and information on care, health, feeding, and breeding.

    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    Promotes conservation of birds and other wildlife through the protection and re-creation of habitats. News, history, programmes, membership, articles, nature reserves, conservation issues, and education.

    All About Birds

    Comprehensive guide to North American birds and bird watching from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Includes Bird Guide with identification, life history, sound and video recordings of each bird, with additional 'Birds of North America' material available

    Bird Forum

    Forums for discussion of birds, birding, and bird photography worldwide. Includes photo gallery and trip reports.

    The National Audubon Society

    The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

    Parrot and Conure World

    Pictures and informational stories written by parrot owners. Profiles of popular species and a species comparison chart. Links to sites for parrot and breeder supplies.

    BirdLife International

    BirdLife International is a global alliance of conservation organisations working in more than 100 countries which, together, are the leading authority on the status of birds, their habitats and the issues and problems affecting them.

    American Bird Conservancy

    A not-for-profit dedicated to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas.


    Howard Voren is the owner and operator of Voren’s Aviaries Inc., as well as the founder of the Voren Research Institute for Psittacultural Science.


    Pigeon Paradise is an online and offline broker of high quality pigeons.

    Cockatiel Cottage

    Photographs and information about many topics, including basic care, health, diet, behavior, breeding, and household hazards. Also has a bibliography and message board.

    Feather Me

    Free information about pet parrots. Go through videos and articles about parrot keeping, and parrot training. Watch parrot talking videos, join our social network parrot forum!

    The Parrot Society UK

    A society for keeping, breeding, care, promotion, and conservation of all parrot species.

    Chirp n Squawk Bird Supplies

    Shop Chirp n Squawk Bird Supplies for top quality bird parrot supplies. We carry premium bird food, bird stands, bird carriers, bird toys, and a fun range of safe bird supplies.

    Trained Parrot - Blog Articles About Training Parrots Tricks

    Trained Parrot, a blog about how to train my parrot to step up and do tricks. Learn how to teach parrot tricks to your parrot for free. Free information about trick trained parrots. Tutorials and guides about how to train your parrot to step up and not bi

    Xeno Canto

    The world's largest community website on birdsong, with over 37,000 recordings of 6,000+ species.

    rain bird

    rain bird

    Zebra Finches on the Internet

    Information on care, breeding, exhibiting, scientific research, books, and clubs related to zebra finches.

    The Care and breeding of the varieties of Zebra Finches, Society Finches, Gouldian Finches, Australian Finches, Munias and Mannikins

    The Owl Pages

    Detailed descriptions of different species, including photos and sounds. Also includes mythology, art, books, and collectibles.


    Frequently asked questions, birding tips, articles, and store.

    Talk Cockatiels

    A forum for cockatiel owners, including picture gallery and information on breeding.


    Alexandrine Parrot Mutations - The website for Specialist Alexandrine Parrot Breeders, George and Ida Van Der Togt.


    Free-roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary in Tsitsikamma type forest 18km East of Plettenberg Bay. Offers visitors conducted safaris.

    The Budgie and Parakeet Place

    Comprehensive information on pet budgies (parakeets) including care, taming, breeding, colors/varieties, plus lots of pictures, sound files, and more.

    All Bird Products Inc

    All Bird Products Inc. offers the finest bird food, supplements, medication, supplies, and products available for your birds.

    About Cockatoos

    Information on behavior and diet for the larger species.