Singapore Top Sites for Pets And Animals

    The Planted Tank

    Provides information on how to successfully keep a planted aquarium. Contains articles, videos, images and a message board.

    Aquatic Quotient Forum

    Contains discussion boards covering general fishkeeping, planted tanks, marine aquaria, cichlids, FAQ and health. Includes a chat room and photo galleries.

    Online community for Arowana keepers. Articles, photos, message boards.

    Pets Channel

    A pet portal with pet forum, photo galleries, and articles.

    The Petition Site

    A petition creation site with an environmental focus. Petitions submitted are reviewed by staff for relevance and quality before being posted to the site. Precedence is given to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

    Articles from The Horse Magazine, a monthly publication providing news and information on the equine health, care, welfare, and management.

    Action For Singapore Dogs

    Network of volunteers that helps stray and abandoned dogs find homes through fostering and adoption programs. Includes photos of available dogs, event details, mailing list, and success stories.


    Contains articles that include choosing a dog, health, and grooming, as well as a dogfinder search and matchup, and chat. Registration required for full access to the site.


    PetMD is the largest global source of pet health information

    Australian Pet Link

    Collection of links to pet sites and books from, also with discussion forums for dog owners and advertising boards for dogs, cats and birds.

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    Pets O 2

    Largest selection of essential supplies for your pets, home delivered to your door step.

    Cesars Way

    World-renowned dog behavior specialist, Cesar Millan, is known for his ability to rehabilitate canines from aggression, fear, territorial, and other extreme behavioral issues. Learn about his methods, success stories, and how you too can b...

    The White Rabbit

    Introducing... The White Rabbit, a restaurant & bar housed in an awe-inspiring and beautifully-restored old chapel located off the Dempsey area in Singapore. We serve a fresh take on both classic European comfort food and age-old cocktails - all inspire

    Reef Central Online Community

    Learn about reef aquarium setup and maintenance, and view coral and marine fish photos. Includes discussion board and chat.


    A searchable database of animals that need homes. Directory of animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA and Canada. Organizations maintain their own home pages and available pet databases.

    Three Million Dogs

    Three Million Dogs is a community of Pet lovers from around the world. Three Million Dogs shares breaking news, inspiring stories and cute pictures.

    Information about cats, their health, behavior, and nutrition. Also forums, news, polls and a cat shop.

    CatTime is the place for all things feline

    CatTime isn't merely a pet website - it's your destination for all things feline. Here you'll find articles and editorials on a variety of cat-centric topics, from expert recommendations to cat breed info to health advice to the latest animal news to name

    Redearslider com All about Red Ear Sliders and the Turtle Talk forum

    Zebrafish Information Network

    Includes information on Danio rerio, including genomics databases, developmental stages, publications and molecular tools.

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