Slovakia Top Sites for Disabled And Special Needs

    PSA Staff Management

    Expansive writing on topics relating to the disabled, their relationship with the community, and institutionalization vs de-institutionalization.

    Disabled Living Foundation

    Helped disabled people find equipment that enable them to lead independent lives. Training, factsheet and forum.

    Žiju s handicapem

    Na našem portálu můžete nalézt mnohé rady a zajímavé informace pro každodenní život s handicapem, a to nejen z našich per, ale od vás samotných!

    MEYRA R s.r.o.

    Vozíky a rehabilitační prostředky. Prodej - servis - výroba - poradenství

    Cyklo prodejna Specialized Svorada Brno

    Cyklo prodejna Specialized Concept Store Svorada BRNO. Cyklistická prodejna jízdních kol, horských kol a silničních kol Specialized. Cyklo prodejna nabízí cyklo oblečení, cyklo tretry,cyklistické přilby Specialized. started off as a website at, evolved to an interactive network of services and an online community of thousands of people. It aired in January 2004 and was founded as a Limited Partnership (Ltd.) firm in March 2010. By founding decla

    Disability Statistics

    Online resource of U.S. disability statistics derived from the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey.


    The national (UK) voluntary organization working with and supporting people of all ages who are deafblind or have associated disabilities. Includes international services.